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Shemiras Haloshon Rallies Draw Thousands
by M. Samsonowitz

Children throughout Israel who have been working on shemiras haloshon throughout the year under the auspices of "Mishmeres Hasholem" were rewarded this chol hamoed in the form of rallies replete with entertainment and prizes.

Exciting posters were hung up announcing the rallies. In Jerusalem, 2000 cheder children attended a rally in Yiddish, and 1,000 a rally in Hebrew. In Bnei Brak, 1,500 children attended. Rallies for women and girls were sponsored in Yerushalayim by "Loshon V'chesed" and in Beit Shemesh by "Chafetzim Bechaim."

Mishmeres Hasholem is the largest organization in Israel propagating zealous observance of the laws of shemiras haloshon. The organization's easy-to-follow program requires meticulous observance and studying of the laws from all members to achieve a community free of loshon hora. Today it is working towards 30,000 members from all Israel and has 2,000 building representatives. Branches are being started all over the U.S. and Europe as well. Many communities have opened branches to bring a zchus or yeshua to one of its members.

Yiddish Rally

At the Yiddish Rally which was held at the Ramat Tamir hall on the third day of chol hamoed, the Eida HaChareidis Gavad, HaRav Yitzchok Tuvya Weiss, was the featured speaker. "See the good in Yerushalayim!" he proclaimed to his listeners. He explained that our goal is not to keep our mouth sealed, but to use it for good things and safeguard its kedusha. He blessed the children that they will be saved from the worst prosecutor of all -- loshon hora -- because they inculcated themselves with the quality of shemiras haloshon since their youth.

HaRav Mattisyahu Deutsch, the Eida HaChareidis rav of Ramat Shlomo, told the children, "If you look favorably at others, then you yourself will be blessed."

The rest of the program involved talks and stories by distinguished educators. During one talk, a young child burst out crying that he had lost his raffle ticket. Inspired by the speakers, another child immediately gave his own ticket to the child. Each child left the rally with a gift of a watch and a Mishmeres pamphlet on the latest "midda of the month."

Hebrew Rally

The well known educator HaRav Meir Tzimrot gave a riveting talk to his participants. Talks were also given by HaRav Moshe Kletzkin, HaRav Blau, HaRav Markowitz and HaRav Yisroel Meir Shushan. HaRav Shushan told the children in singsong, "If your mouth will be pure, your Torah and tefillos will be accepted." He told inspiring stories of the ahavas Yisroel of gedolim. A skit animating the idea of seeing the good in others was performed by the Shick brothers. Each child received his own flashlight, imprinted with the motto "See good!"

Bnei Brak Rally

HaRav Yisroel Hager, the son of the Vishnitzer rav, inspired the participants with the words of Rav Elimelech,, "See the good points of your friends and not their flaws." HaRav Hager signed up the entire Bnei Brak Vishnitzer kehilla of 3,500 families to Mishmeres's program lerefuah shleimoh the Vishnitzer rebbe.

After the rallies, the office of Mishmeres Hasholem was deluged with telephone calls expressing appreciation for their work. A principal of a cheder requested to have all his pupils join.

Mrs. Suri Wurzburger, the director of Mishmeres Hasholem, says that her staff is stunned to hear time after time of various yeshuos and brochos that accrue to those who undertake to keep the program. "We have two members who gave birth to children after 10 years. A woman who was struggling under difficult debts told us that she and her eight children decided to dedicate themselves to shemiras haloshon. A person who heard about her commitment to shemiras haloshon offered to pay up the family's debts. A woman phoned to tell us about a tumor she needed removed which just disappeared. I am not surprised. I was told by a godol, `If you work for shemiras haloshon, the Chofetz Chaim stands up for you.'"

Mishmeres Hasholem is interested in disseminating its program, particularly in Bnei Brak. Anyone who wants to serve as a building or regional representative is welcome to call its office: (02)5379160.


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