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Art and Language -- What is the Title of Your Picture?
by Devora Piha

"Let the child think he is doing a great job and is a better artist and creative problem-solver than you are. You have nothing to lose and he has so much to gain."

He's Crying Again
by Kaila Cohen

They begin from the moment they are born. Regardless of time, climate, location or color of skin. Jewish babies cry no more than other babies all over the world. Babies cry and mothers try to soothe them, not always successfully.

It's the Details
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

Ever notice how the Torah seems to direct us towards living a life where we notice, and pay attention to details? Lots and lots of details. Even the smallest of the small; things that seem to be the most insignificant of things. Yes, it appears that the Torah is teaching us that we should train ourselves to think that nothing is to be ignored or consigned to the "capable of being ignored / I don't-need-to- notice-that" pile.

Pay Slip
by Rosally Saltsman

I would like to share a pet peeve of mine with you. Now, Sheindel doesn't like me to be negative; she likes me to be positive, but this pet-peeve of mine is one that trips up many people and causes suffering to both the perpetrators (in the form of committing theft, causing pain, and being guilty of not paying workers on time and lying -- sins committed by Noach's generation) and the victims -- in terms of monetary loss, anxiety, loss of trust and being led blindly into making promises that they cannot keep.

The Handyman's Promise
a true story by Sara Carmel

The Great Flood, says the Medrash, did not take place in Eretz Yisroel.

This minor one did...

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

More readers' questions. Acne: we have discussed this before, so we'll just review. Pores, small holes in the skin where hairs grow or where sweat glands are located, often clog with debris, dirt, oils and secretions. This can lead to infection, and small abscesses form.


Metaphorically Speaking

by D. Rachmani

Are the watercolors
With which we paint our world.

Lines of black and white
To form a picture of facts.

We fill in
The shades of gray
Blue, rose, gold, green,
Brown, black, lavender
And many more
When we describe the picture
To others
Or to our own inner eye.

With our words
We color our picture
And present it
Framed in golden subjectivity
To ourselves and others.

Trying to make
Our gift
As beautiful as possible
While staying in the lines --
Is the work
Of a lifetime.

Little Boy Lullaby
(best read aloud)

by Rifca Goldberg

Come to me, little boy
Dimpled cheeks, chubby hands
Sweet, sweet one-year-old boy
That I love so much.

Take a step, your first step
Hands held wide, big, big smile
Step towards me, my sweet child
Come to me

Ride towards me, four-year-old
I am here for you now
Tears of pride in my eyes
As you smile towards me

Full of fun, full of life
Pedal fast, faster yet
On your bike, my sweet son
Yet still mine

Read to me, read out loud
Each word clear, each word bold
Six-year-old, little boy
That I love so much

Read to me, sit nearby
Hug me tight as we talk
Sing and share, play and dance
Close to me

Laughing eyes, winning smile
Growing tall, straight and strong
Twelve years old, my big boy
That I love so much

Payos long, sing-song words
Swaying back, swaying forth
Growing fast, faster still
Right past me

Where are you, my young man?
Gone away, to yeshiva,
So, so far, yet so close
In my heart

As I wait every month
Wait for you to come home
All I know is
I miss you so much.

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