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Are Computers Worth the Price?

by R' Zvi Zobin

In 1913, just after he had invented the Kinetophone, a device which synchronized sound and projected images, Thomas Edison wrote, "Books will soon be obsolete in the schools. It is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge through the motion picture. Our school system will be completely changed in the next ten years."

Aged Parents
based on an article by M. Chevroni

People often exclaim about a son or a daughter, "He is so good to his parents," or "She is such a wonderful daughter." Unfortunately, it is a fact that an ailing parent can be quite a strain on a family, especially if there are many young children. However, everyone should remember that it is a privilege, a zechus, to look after a parent. The more difficult it may seem at times, the greater the merit.

The Phone Call
by LMW

11:30 p.m. The end of a busy day. Mrs. I. is on the line. "Would you be able to give a short, 15 to 20 minute shiur on Shemiras Haloshon following a Tehillim group in my home tomorrow night? Sorry I am calling so late, but you were the last name on the list. No one else can give the shiur. It's getting hard to find a speaker every week."

Anger Control for Parents
by Masha Wolf, M.A.

The ability to control one's anger and act calmly is one of the biggest challenges that parents face, and one that confronts them daily. Some people are naturally calm (or at least more so than others), while many face constant tests in the area of anger control.

Learning Strategies

by Shlomo Kory

Here, the word `strategy' means a sequence of thoughts and actions that occur before a certain behavior that enable you to accomplish that behavior. We have strategies for everything, and learning is no exception. Sometimes we develop cumbersome strategies with unnecessary, extra steps that slow us down and frustrate us. Other times, our strategies are missing steps and this can cause us to make mistakes.

Pa's Story
by Sudy Rosengarten

Synopsis: The writer visits her widower father-in-law nightly and exhausts channels of conversation very quickly. Suddenly she hits upon an idea: getting him to speak about the alte heim. This ignites interest in the old man. He begins telling about his problems with the army draft.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I was able to speak to another ENT on the subject of olive oil in the ears, and Dr. Tal, an English-speaking ENT at Tel HaShomer, is a big believer in it for prevention of wax buildup. It seems to perform as well as wax in lubricating the ear canal and controlling the overgrowth of the normal bacteria that grow there. Two points need to be made: it won't dissolve the wax that clogs up an ear, and furthermore, it isn't clear to me how it prevents buildup just because it serves the same purpose. We'll continue researching this subject and be in touch.


What Are Little Boys Made Of?
by Tzippora Zien

What is a Yingele made of?
Tzitzis and balls, scraped knees from falls,
That's what a Yingele's made of.

What is a Maidele made of?
Buttons and threads, pretty coiffed heads,
That's what a Maidele's made of.

What is a Yeshiva Bochur made of?
Hats and creased pants, shteigen and dance,
That's what a Bochur is made of.

What are Bachurot made of?
Long sleeves and hems, Tefilla and Sems,
That's what Bachurot are made of.

What is a Chosson made of?
New suit and shoes, Mussar and Shmoose,
That's what a Chosson is made of.

What are Kallos made of?
Wigs and trousseaus, Halacha and clothes,
That's what Kallos are made of.

What are Shidduchim made of?
Phone calls and terms, hopes and concerns,
That's what Shidduchim are made of.

What is a Bayis Ne'eman made of?
Commitment and Giving through day-to-day living,
That's what a Bayis Ne'eman is made of.

What are parents made of?
Caring and love, great Help from Above,
That's what parents are made of.

What are Simchas made of?
Friends' beaming faces,
Blessings and graces,
Family, good wishes,
Hot tempting dishes,
Hope and Thanksgiving to praise the All-Giving,
That's what Simchas are made of!

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