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8 Adar 5759 - Feb. 24, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Aerial Photography Expert Estimates: Only 8,867 People Attended the Leftist Rally in Sacher Park

by Betzalel Kahn

An in-depth examination conducted by aerial photography expert Mordechai Aharoni of pictures taken, reveals that only 8,867 people participated in the leftist rally held in Sacher Park at the same time that the massive prayer rally was held at the city's entrance.

Aharoni, director of Pentomp, has specialized in aerial photography, as well as in surveys and the deciphering of aerial photographs, for thirty years. He has appeared over 100 times in courts as an expert witness. The day after the massive rally in Jerusalem, Aharoni received a series of aerial photographs taken for Manof -- the Chareidi Information Center, by an American Jew, who had chartered a helicopter above the demonstration sites in order to photograph the prayer rally and the leftist rally.

In his opinion, presented to Manof, Aharoni writes that his estimates are based on a photograph received from the Tatzpit company, taken at 3:50 Sunday afternoon above Sacher Park. "The counting was carefully done and is based only on the amount of discernible people in this photograph at the particular hour it was taken," says Aharoni, who notes that the report could contain a range of inaccuracy only between 10 and 12%.

According to his report, there were 8,867 people in Sacher Park. This estimate includes the people seen walking on the roads leading to the park.

The professional, in-depth-counting of the participants at the prayer rally in Jerusalem, which included hundreds of thousands of participants, still hasn't been completed because it is difficult to make estimates of such large numbers quickly. One of the reasons for the difficulty is that the hundreds of thousands of participants assembled on many streets in the region, among them: Yaffo, Sarei Yisroel, Hatzvi, Yirmiyohu, and many side streets. The deciphering of the aerial photographs of these streets will be concluded within a few days.

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