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Friday Morning Challos
by Mimi Luxemberg

Back to chometz. And back to challa baking. It is brought in seforim that baking challos on Shabbos Mevorchim of Iyar, the first Shabbos after Pesach, is a segula for parnossa, as well as for three other things.

Preparing For The Future : Teaching children about "EVENTS"
by R' Zvi Zobin

We take "events" for granted because we are doing them continually. Really, they are very complex and comprise many distinct steps. Sometimes, it is appropriate to "play" a child through an event to help him realize the significance of each stage.

The Sounds of Silence
by L.M.W.

Lag B'Omer is approaching and our minds turn to bonfires and caves. Graphic applications of great spiritual depth. Shimon Bar Yochai delved into the deepest secrets of the universe, the most hidden parts of our Torah, from the isolation and seclusion of a cave...

Hospitality Supreme

There's a lady in our kehilla who uses a bedroom to sell paperware. Whenever I go, I 'announce' myself on the intercom, then go straight upstairs, serve myself, and then call Mrs. X. to settle the bill.

The Manchester Torah Reading Library


Through the columns of your newspaper, we would like to bring to the notice of your readers the plight of the library in the Jewish Cultural Center of Manchester.

Friday Morning Challos - continued
by Mimi Luxemberg

In the spirit of Mrs. Zilberstein's practical encouragement, here are some superfluous tips and ideas for your already magnificent challos.

by Ruth Lewis

"The streets here are so confusing!"
The new arrival said.
"Twisting, turning...
And buildings without numbers.
I was born in Washington D.C.,
Set up two centuries ago,
Van Buren, Whittier. Aspen, Butternut -
All in a grid, neatly numbered,
So orderly."


"Ah, but lehavdil, here,
Every daled amos is a mitzva,
The more you're lost - the better.
Besides, each lost-walk makes it more clear
How your steps are guided.


"You ask directions,
Give a Yid a mitzva,
Learn from his good points -
And he from yours.
Strike up a conversation,
Make a friend. And
Who knows? Maybe even a shidduch.
How do they say it
Back where you come from?
`The longest way 'round
Is the shortest way home.'"


We are spiritual descendants of Chana, who taught us how to pray silently, from the heart...

by Ruth Lewis

Sitting backwards
On a crowded, midday bus,
The woman opposite
(Navy blue coat, hat,
Sky-blue scarf) -
Whispers, whispers from a
Blue plastic-covered sefer.
Across the aisle
(A lady in a short, blond sheitl),
Whispers, whispers,
From a sefer that's shiny new,
Gold and blue.


Next to her, a bubby
(Brown hat, brown coat),
Whispers, whispers,
Her sefer is tattered, brown.
Behind those two, a man
(Blue trench coat, black hat
Shadowing his face),
Bent over a small,
Wine-colored sefer.


Some rows further down,
A young girl.
I can't see her sefer,
But her lips whisper, whisper.
She gives her seat to a woman
In an olive-colored sweater,
Who starts right in,


Later, the bubby's place is taken
By a lady in a chic pink felt hat,
Light pink lipstick perfectly applied,
Who whispers, whispers.


True, it's the #39 bus
From Bayit Vegan.
I don't say they're all
Like this.
Still... so much whispering.
There, almost at the back,
A young woman (gray tweed jacket,
Checkered scarf),
Whispers, whispers.
And here, right near,
I hadn't noticed her,
Mouth half hidden by the thick fur,
Of her collar - whispers...


Some whisper rapidly, efficiently,
Some pause dreamily,
Some reflective, some intent.
Some stare intermittently from the window,
their lips still moving.
And some never look up once.


We pass a bus stop where
Two women sit,
Holding sforim,


The trip is almost ended.
A woman who'se been sitting quietly,
Takes a sefer from her purse
And begins whispering.


Oh, won't You gather up
All these - our whisperings.
And answer soon.

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