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16 Tammuz 5759 - June 30, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Sticking with the Truth in our Lives

America is aging, and product design and marketing are tracking this change. The way it is being handled is a classic example of the way in which modern values -- especially those that may be only subtly evident and implied - - can clash deeply with the Torah person's approach to the world.

Two Pieces About the Value Attached to Life in Modern Times

Until slightly more than a year ago, Bill Morgan was no different than any other resident of Australia, his birthplace. He worked hard for his living as a truck driver and was happy when he managed to finish the month without an overdraft.

Or Letziyon: A Beacon for the Yishuv
By Rabbi Aryeh Gefen

This Shabbos, 19 Tammuz, is the first yahrtzeit of HaRav Ben Tziyon Abba Shaul, zt"l, a great gaon and leader of Klal Yisroel, as well as rosh yeshivas Porat Yosef.

"In His Zeal For My Sake"

Pinchos' act became a halachic lesson for all generations: "Whoever takes a non-Jewish wife exposes himself to the retribution of zealots." This law is unique, since in general, sinners are delivered to the jurisdiction of the beis din, whose responsibility it is to pass judgment and execute the punishment. Here, however, the punishment is meted outside of the court.

From the Diary of the "Bar-Mitzvah King"
by A. Weiss

In listings of professionals, the name Jay Kartzin appears with the addition of the word "Rav." He was born in the United States, and held a number of impressive positions, such as the "spiritual guide" of the Variety Club in Illinois, and the chairman of the Rabbinical Board of the Broadcasting Committee of the Chicago Rabbinate. But he gained most of his fame when he immigrated to Israel in 1985.

Another Reason to do Teshuvah

To the Editor:

The famous comets Shoemaker-Levy and Hale-Bopp have barely left the solar system than another comet has suddenly appeared: Comet Lee!

The "Jewish Vote" in Israel

To the Editor:

I am writing in connection with your observation in a recent editorial that "Netanyahu got over 49 percent of the Jewish vote." I know that this is the line taken by the secular media, but should have expected a different approach from a religious paper such as yours.

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