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A Place of Hope
by S. G.

Perhaps it's because I was born in Switzerland that I always think of the three weeks as a mountain tunnel, from which we emerge, after a long drive, once again into the light of day. The view can be quite splendid as one ascends a winding road flanked by tall pines, leading to the crest of an alpine mountain. Then, as we enter a tunnel and speed into the darkness lit by artificial lamps, the breathtaking view is hidden from us and we can easily forget that we are climbing.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

Dear Editor,

As a long-time fan of your Home and Family Section, I usually turn to it first. I find it a source of pleasurable reading, information and helpful advice. The changing variety each week is refreshing. Ah, but this week... [Ed. Parshas Shlach]. I was very glad that you printed the article on the "waiting game," sensitizing some, comforting others. In fact, in some ways it tied in with the "Casual Comment" article, encouraging people to be more aware of the potential impact of their remarks.

Dear Y.C. and Yated Ne'eman,

Thank you, Y.C., for taking the time and effort to write what the Y.N. editorial staff deemed an "insightful" letter which makes our series, "worth it just for that." That is truly a special compliment! I also found your letter sincere, insightful, and beautifully stated.

Book Review

by Dr. Meir Wikler
Published by Feldheim, Reviewed by Judith Weil

One day some years ago, I was walking along a main street in downtown Jerusalem, when the sole of my shoe suddenly became unstuck. The heel was still there, so the sole did not break free entirely. It just flapped back and forth. There I stood, ruefully contemplating my damaged shoe. What would I do now?...

Seeing Double - or Mazel (Tov) Teomim
by H.G.

Suddenly, it seems as if the entire world is full of twins! At first, I thought twins were rather irregular on the average scene. Apparently, not so. Everyone I meet these days has a very close relation to the subject -- a sister-in- law, aunt, neighbor etc. who also have twins.

What's Cooking?
by Rivka Tal

This year's end of the school year heralds another season: the Three Weeks, otherwise known as parve hamburger- hot dog season.

Poet's Corner
Along the Tightrope
by LMW

Heart pounding, head straight,
Just walk at a steady rate.
Concentrate, don't hesitate,
Step by step, your goal in sight.
Inside the sanctum, holy and secure,
The little ones kiseed,
Their innocence pure,
You whisper `good night'.
You're suddenly tough, the water is rough,
Sail the sea of self sufficiency,
Navigate true and right,
Honesty and good sense, your guiding light.
Step between the daisies and the mines,
Collect the bonuses, pay the fines,
Cherish beauty and all that's right,
Learn to surrender, and when to fight.
With great love to share, you really care,
Plant, water, fertilize,
Support those who grope,
Promote growth and hope, realize
You must say `no' to foreign fields,
Without `I beg your pardon' -
And don't ignore your own garden.
Try to emulate the One Above,
Who has limitless love,
But realize that you are only human.
A composite of velvet and steel,
Both soft and strong, visionary but real,
And your entire journey - not very long.
So catch the moment before it is gone.

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