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Do It Yourself -- With Yosef Krinsky

One of the most common questions I am asked is, "Where did you find this out?" Or, "How did you know how to do this?"

Well, I started in the Do It Yourself business at a rather young age. My grandfather, Murray Krinsky (of blessed memory), introduced me to painting at the age of 6. He was a master painter, and at the time was hired to paint the Museum of Natural History in New York.

by A. Ross

A house is up for sale in a prime area. Just the house you have been looking for. A call to the real estate agent reveals that someone has already shown an interest in the property and has actually made an offer for it. In fact, it is "one of your people," which, to the uninitiated, is what goyim say to us about a fellow-Jew.

Nachal Betzet Nature Reserve
by Rivka Tal

Vacation time coming up. Weary of crowds at such well known water attractions as Tel Dan and the Banias? Why not explore a lesser known, but no less magnificent nature reserve, the Nachal Betzet Nature Reserve?

A Summer Photo Journal

by Devora Piha

Summer time and photo time go together like pita- falafel. Without the schedules of school, it is the perfect time to do a photo journal of the highlights of summer vacation. It is a wonderful family project. Mother and grandparents can do it with their children or grandchildren very nicely but in all honesty, the honors go to teenage girls who have made it into a true art form.

Rabbi David Orlofsky Speaks To Shelanu Women On Sunday, July 11

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, widely acclaimed public speaker and teacher at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach, will speak at the upcoming SHELANU meeting of chizuk for mothers, therapists, teachers and friends of special children on Sunday, July 11, 27 Tammuz. His topic, "How Much Do You Want for Your Kid?" will be presented at the Israel Center, 10 Straus St., Jerusalem.

by Rivka Tal

Poet's Corner
The Perfect Mother
by Devora Dresner, Manchester

I want to be the perfect mother,
As good -- or better -- than another other,
Always calm, patient, forgiving,
Always generous, warm and giving,
Proficient in the art of disciplining,
Adept at preventing slackness & sinning.
You won't see me with hands on hips,
As angry words escape my lips,
I'll never tire, or feel run down,
My countenance will never frown.
"The Perfect Mother" -- that'll be me!
As I smile and listen patiently,
But --
Who snapped crossly over there,
As daughter too slowly brushed her hair?
It drives me mad, I must confess,
When teenaged son's room is a mess,
My patience is wearing very thin,
As toddler kicks over laundry bin.
The perfect mother? Yes, that's me.
As perfect as a human can be.
To get it right every single time,
That's only for beings sublime.
I'm perfectly imperfect, but that's O.K.
Hashem created me that way.
So long as I'm willing to improve, to learn,
I'll hope to get -- and give -- another turn.
My children and I are the perfect team,
Though sometimes so it does not seem.
The areas where I'm slack they show,
Which traits I must work on to grow,
And in return, to them, my gift,
The lesson of how themselves to lift.

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