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The Israeli Chareidi Community Has Low Incidence of Diabetes

By N. Katzin

Left is the incidence of diabetes with chareidim in the middle bar

Diabetes is considered today a universal plague: three new A type diabetics are added to the world count every ten seconds. Statistics from the 2022 report of the National Program for Registering the Population Health shows that the percentage of diabetes had risen by 0.4%, standing at 10.2%. The study shows wide gaps between different population socioeconomic sectors with the highest figures evident in the lower income bracket, while the highest income bracket showed the lowest percentage. Another factor revealed what is already known, that Type 2 diabetes is closely related to overweight.

With this in mind, it is interesting to note that the prevalence of diabetes is considerably lower in chareidim than in other sectors. The 2022 report showed that diabetes in the 18 year-old and up bracket stands at 7% by chareidim, as compared to 10.4% by the general population and similarly by the Arab sector. Interesting to note is that regarding the rise in diabetes since 2022 in the general and Arab populace, an actual drop was registered among chareidim, from 7.9% to only 7% in 2022.

These figures have a decisive importance regarding the shouts of gevald by the media in attempting to prove that the chareidi group is suffering extensively from the plague. Perhaps this justified the rise in prices on soft drinks including diet beverages during the period of Bennet. Actually, these days the idea of restoring the sugar tax alongside the cut in child benefits is being considered in the upcoming 2025 budget.

Another surprising figure emerged: chareidim smoke less. In the general sector, in these recent years, smoking has been on the rise while among chareidim, it remains static. 21% percent of chareidim aged 16-74 smoke, as compared to 27.4 percent among the general population, and 37% among Arabs. In comparison, in 2022, the chareidi percentage was 23%, while among the general population it stood at 26.5% and among Arabs - 35l%.

Cancer Testing

The figure of mammogram testing for cancer in women is sadly much lower than in general, standing at 61.7% as compared to 73.2% and 67.7% by Arab women. It is pertinent to mention here that our Torah leaders, rabbonim and poskim, have signed a recommendation to undergo this test which helps an early diagnosis for the disease and saves lives.

The figure for testing for early detection of cancer of the small intestines among the 50-74 age bracket stands at 55%, a low figure as compared to the 60.6% in the Arab sector, and 65% in general. Colonoscopy testing for cancer in the large intestine stands at 67% for the general population, compared to 55% among Arabs and 59.5% among chareidim.


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