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Eretz Yisroel, at All Costs
by E. Weil and B. Schwartz

Part I

About living in Eretz Yisroel and commuting to a job in chutz la'aretz.

Once every three Shabbosim, or every "weekend," or sometimes only two days a month, they come back from abroad, to families eagerly awaiting them. Most of the time, they are in Europe, the U.S. or South America, teaching in yeshivos, chadorim, serving as shochtim and kashrus supervisors plus a wide range of other occupations requiring them to remain for relatively long periods of time away from their families — abroad.

Emotional Stability

by Rebbetzin Nomi Travis


Dear Shadchente,

I enjoy your columns and wondered if you could dedicate some space to a "Readers Guide to Shidduch Lingo." Even though I have B"H married off some children, after a break of a few years, I feel like I need a refresher course in order to understand what people say regarding potential candidates for marriage. With time, I have grown more skeptical and cannot just swallow some descriptions that are common hyperbole.

Candy Counts
by Devorah Lifshitz

On the first day of Chanuka last year, our children surprised me by becoming the people I hoped they would. It happened quite unexpectedly amid circumstances which I would not have seen as conducive to the achievement of great spiritual heights.
A Smile of Conviction
by Chedva Ofek

Yisroel Green was the undisputed leader of his shiur in yeshiva. His kindness and consideration towards his classmates influenced everyone around him: An atmosphere of spirituality and love of learning surrounded him.

The Name of the Game
by Rosally Saltsman

I was playing Scrabble one evening with a group of articulate women. One of the women, an older lady who had invited me to play, is very aristocratic, aside from the high British accent. If you intended to go meet the Queen and needed some lessons in nobility, I would send you to her. She's also very good-natured and fun and, well, good at Scrabble.

Who is Watching Your Kids at Play?
by Dena Neuman

When our children are very little, we tend to hover over them. Of course they need our constant care! But as they get a bit older, we begin to let out the apron string. Are we letting it out too fast, and too far? Let's explore the ramifications of young children gaining independence.

Truth to Tell
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

I was reading a biography written by the daughter of a man who quite obviously learned a lot of Torah and lived a life devoted to HaShem and His mitzvos. The book was published by one of the "Big Three" frum publishers.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Dyslexics are people who occasionally translocate letters or words, meaning that reading abilities might be impaired. These people are not slow or stupid. On the contrary, most have above average intelligence. There are many therapies available now to deal with this. Now they say there is a genetic basis for dyslexia.

SIZE MATTERS: Your Food Portions May Be Making You Fat
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

It's the season for eating . . . A helping of lokshin, a serving of kugel and a couple of potato latkes, a piece of chicken with the skin. Sounds like it's a harmless enough Chanukah meal, but maybe not.

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