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24,600 Votes Per Knesset Seat

By Eliezer Rauchberger

The elections for the 17th Knesset drew a total of 3,188,075 voters to the polls. The threshold for entry to the Knesset altogether was 62,767 votes and each mandate required 24,609 votes. So therefore the minimum number of seats that party needs to enter will normally be three. The number of faulty ballots came to 49,704 and 185,235 votes went to parties that did not pass the threshold, thus these votes essentially did not count.

After two days of counting some 170,000 ballots that required crosschecking Judge Dorit Beinish, chairman of the Central Election Committee, released the following final results:

Kadima - 690,095 votes, representing 21.9 percent of the vote or 29 mandates.

Emet (Labor) - 472,958 votes, representing 15 percent of the vote or 19 mandates.

Shas - 299,130 votes, representing 9.5 percent of the vote or 12 mandates.

Likud - 282,070 votes, representing 8.9 percent of the vote or 12 mandates.

Yisrael Beiteinu (Lieberman) - 281,850 votes, representing 8.9 percent of the vote or 12 mandates.

HaIchud HaLeumi- 223,838 votes, representing 7.1 percent of the vote or 9 mandates.

Pensioners - 185,790 votes, representing 5.9 percent of the vote or 7 mandates.

United Torah Judaism - 146,958 votes, representing 4.6 percent of the vote or 6 mandates.

Meretz - 118,365 votes, representing 3.7 percent of the vote or 5 mandates.

Raam - 94,460 votes, representing 3 percent of the vote or 4 mandates.

Chadash - 85,830 votes, representing 2.7 percent of the vote or 3 mandates.

Balad - 72,013 votes, representing 2.2 percent of the vote or 3 mandates.

Nineteen parties failed to meet the threshold. The Green Party needed another 15,000 votes and the Green Leaf Party fell 22,000 votes short.

The following list shows the number of votes received by parties that did not reach the minimum number of votes needed to win a seat in the Knesset:

Green Party - 47,634 votes

Green Leaf Party - 40,419

Chaf (Marzel) - 25,935 votes

Tafnit - 18,746 votes

Zeh - 14,007 votes

Kuf Zayin - 3,819 votes

Kuf - 3,695 votes

Cherut - 2,883 votes

Hei - 2,280 votes

Patz - 2,164 votes

Paz - 1,765 votes

Katz - 1,509 votes

Zayin - 1,384 votes

Tzadi Hei - 1,278 votes

Peh Chaf - 1,218 votes

Kuf Peh - 738 votes

Feh Sofit - 580 votes

The 12 parties that did get into the Knesset won a total of 114 mandates by winning at least 24,609 votes per mandate, and the other 6 mandates were won through surplus vote deals signed before the elections. According to these agreements parties passed on unneeded votes to their allies that fell short of the number of votes needed for another mandate. These six mandates went to UTJ, Labor, Likud, Kadima, Balad and Meretz.


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