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New Chareidi City of Charish, near Hadera, Approved

by Betzalel Kahn

Work will soon be underway on the new chareidi city of Charish on land reserves located near Highway 6 in the Hadera area, following exerted efforts by the heads of Binyan Sholem to obtain government approval.

Zoned for 30,000 housing units, Charish is the seventh of the famous Seven Stars projects that former PM Ariel Sharon proposed nearly a decade ago. Just now it received the go- ahead from the Prime Minister's Office, the Finance Ministry, the Housing Ministry and the Israel Lands Authority.

In the first phase, thousands of housing units will be built, in addition to infrastructures and regional development work. Charish is in the highest classification of national priority rankings, making apartment buyers and investors who create local jobs eligible for exceptional benefits.

Charish is situated in a central, accessible part of the country just a 40-minute drive from Bnei Brak and less than an hour from Jerusalem. The city is close to the Trans-Israel Highway and an interchange will be built, providing direct access to the chareidi housing project.

After years of waiting and pressure applied by Binyan Sholem, a housing company founded by Degel HaTorah of Jerusalem, government officials finally reached a decision that will provide a long-term alternative to help solve the housing crisis. According to the government decision Charish will be eligible for preferential treatment in terms of infrastructures, transportation, employment and construction.

Binyan Sholem has already started a sign-up list for potential apartment purchasers.

Ranking construction industry officials say the apartments will be offered at attractive prices in the tradition of Binyan Sholem and provisions will be made for employment solutions and extensive local infrastructures.

Binyan Sholem heads Rabbi Moshe Frank and Rabbi Menachem Blumenthal were very pleased with the decision, saying it brings to a close the long, arduous task of persuading all of the government entities to allocate land reserves to the chareidi sector. They say that at Charish emphasis will be placed on careful city planning to provide for all of the needs of the chareidi public, such as extensive public space designated for Torah and educational institutions and botei knesses.


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