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They phoned to tell us of the engagement of their eleventh, and last, child. My daughter of twenty, who had not yet met her bashert, said wistfully, "How is it that their shidduchim go so easily?" I laughed and answered that we were invited to the engagements; we were not told of the trials and tribulations which preceded the happy event. We only heard of the successes, not of the ones which did not get off the ground.

Printed Invitation Do's and Don'ts
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

Well, it appears that I once again have another friend who has hit the age of grandchildren getting engaged and married. It's a little unnerving, but, Boruch HaShem, a happiness nonetheless. My friend, however, turned to me with a tale of woe, which prompted this article.

An Upside-Down Day
by Sudy Rosengarten

It was one of those days when everything goes wrong. Although I'd gotten up real early to be the first one at my doctor, because otherwise you can find yourself waiting for hours in a jam-packed waiting-room, when I arrived, his secretary let me know that the doctor was starting two hours later that day.


The Salant Foundation is an educational organization devoted to making Mussar teachings available through publications, emails, and classes. Your editor subscribes to its daily messages, one of which is a Mussar Development Workshop, which I find very self-educational. I encourage readers with email (and for your information, I do NOT have access to INTERNET; it is possible), to subscribe to eMussar at

When not to `solutionize'


Ed: At the end of last week's book review on Let Them Journey, I threw out a question to the author if a sequel was in the offing. This is her reply:

Inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, author of several inspirational works

Be Yourself Rather than being what we are not, we need to be more of what we are. There are good qualities we have, and good qualities we don't have. Similarly, there are bad qualities we have, and bad qualities we don't have. Often, we feel jealous at the success of those who have good qualities we don't have.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Warning signs of cancer. First the principles: Not all cases of these signs are cancer and chances are that they are not. But in all cases the earlier you catch it the better the chances of a full recovery. Some cancers are curable, but denial or excuses ("I hate doctors", "It will go away") can turn a survivable situation into a lethal one.

Going Bananas!
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

You probably know that a high-salt diet, common in affluent countries in which people eat lots of fries, chips and other processed foods, can lead to high blood pressure woes.


Just One Scratch
by Tamar Ansh

One scratch and warmth can fill a home
One scratch and a holy flame is lit
One scratch and a blessing must be said
One scratch and the holy day begins.
One scratch and it bursts into a crackling, sizzling being
One scratch, and it can warm or harm

Under control, its mesmerizing colors
Red, bright white, yellow
Dazzle and entrance
Small yet powerful, it brings holiness in its wake
Unbridled, in a flash
Control can be lost
One small scratch
One small flame
Can engulf
Bring endless pain
All from one small match
And one small scratch
And one small word
Can do the same

I Didn't Do Anything Today

by Chava

I didn't do anything today
My house is in quite a state
There are toys on the floor
And scribbles on the door
Because I didn't do anything today . . .

I didn't do anything today
I'd hope to get my kitchen straight
I see cutlets to fry
And dishes piled high
Since I didn't do anything today . . .

I wished to give the floors a scrub
Thoroughly clean out the tub
Clear out the freezer
Send sheimos to genizah
But the day just flew by
Now I glance around and sigh
That I didn't do anything today . . .

"Did you really not do anything today?"
My mother asked me over the phone
"Didn't you send Yechiel to shul
And the girls off to school?
And listen patiently to an elderly neighbor,
And promise another one a big favor?

I'd thought I didn't do anything today
Until my mother's words began to hit home
Then I remembered -
I also smiled at my son
And told him he was A-One
I gave my teenager a kiss
And saw her face light up in bliss

I managed not to yell
When the open jar of cocoa fell
I held my daughter when she cried
And gave her time to confide

I told my seven-year-old "I'm proud"
When she said a brochoh aloud
I helped her to dress her doll
Took the baby for a stroll
I greeted everyone with a smile
And I guess that took quite a while
Because giving everyone time in your own way
Means you surely did do something today.

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