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BUG UPDATE, Tevet 5765
Prepared by Devorah Plaut

1. Onions

At this time of year, there are 3 types of onions on the market: a) specially-grown ("Gush Katif") onions, b) onions from the new crop, with scanty yellow peel, c) onions left from the previous season, with dark brown peel.

By A. Reader

This is a rather taboo subject, not often discussed. Nevertheless, there are estimated to be more than 50 million sufferers from this condition, not to mention those in their vicinity who may suffer with them. Moreover, halitosis is not confined to culture, sex or creed.

Control Those Lice Before They Control You
By Tsirel Hurwitz

It is stated very clearly in Parshas Bereishis that man has lordship over all the animals, including all the creepy crawlers. Maybe outside of Eretz Yisroel, the head lice have read this and behave a bit subdued and civilized, but here in Eretz Yisroel, they are a chutzpadik scourge in the girls' schools.

Going My Way

by Bayla Gimmel

One cold rainy day last winter, I was en route to visit someone in a distant corner of the city. The trip necessitated a change of buses at a bus stop in the city center.

Tea and Sympathy
by Rosally Saltsman

I was invited over for lunch to some friends. The husband's father was over for Shabbos. He mentioned that he had undergone some dental work, a tooth extraction and he was in considerable pain. He then said, "I'm looking for sympathy."

Many Thanks!
by Rosally Saltsman

My mother was a paragon of propriety. I'm not, but there are a few things that I picked up from her anyway, one of them being gratitude. This translates into among other things, sending thank you notes and of course, encouraging my son to do so as well.

"Trama" in Real Life
And Hashem's Kindness Throughout

By Rifca Goldberg

Part VI [final installment]

Synopsis: Yitzchok Shneur, eight years old, is recovering from the removal of an orange-size tumor behind his eye. And so is his mother . . .

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I have been asked to make a retraction. The gemora talks about the benefits of white bread over whole grains, and in many places it appears that whole grains such as barley, oats, brown rice and whole wheat may not be the ideal food for the ruchniyus of an individual.

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