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Home and Family

by Risa Rotman

Newsflash: Aliens from a distant planet have descended on to earth. Apparently, they so greatly disliked what they have encountered that they are making a hasty retreat. Intrepid Yated Neeman newsreporter, Risa Rotman, managed to procure an exclusive interview with these unusual creatures.

Upon meeting with my extraterritoristial interviewees, I was given to understand that the reason for their quick departure, is that the emotional climate of their own planet so vastly differs from our own. Apparently they have never experienced hate, fighting and war and are unable to tolerate these conditions on earth. The aliens explained that the beings of their own planet live in total peace and harmony. They agreed to tell me some of their thoughts on the matter.

Risa Rotman: Is it really true that no disharmony, disagreements or animosity occur amongst your fellow creatures?

Alien: Until we reached this planet of Earth, we were unaware of how much ill-will could exist in this universe.

RR: So, tell me, how do you do it?

Alien: I don't know if we do anything in particular, but I've made some observations that could perhaps throw light on the matter.

RR: Please tell us. I'm sure our readers would love to hear.

Alien: As you've probably noticed, there are some fundamental differences in our physiques from you earthlings.

RR: I had noticed indeed. (These creatures have some interesting physical phenomena, as will be discussed in our interview. One feature of great note is that their bodies are what can be described as puzzle-shaped.)

Alien: Let's start off with our eyes. They are very good. Not only do we benefit from good vision, but these eyes allow us to see good in all our fellow planet-creatures.

RR: That's a nice thought. Perhaps our opthamologists could suggest eye exercises so that we could also develop this attribute.

Alien: Er...maybe. Our next noticeable feature is that we have very short noses. It prevents us from putting them into other fellow planet-creatures' business. I imagine that this has led to preventing many unnecessary quarrels.

RR: I suppose active noses could be the cause of extra tension and strife, but I doubt that anyone, here, would cut off his nose to spite his face.

Alien: Perhaps you missed the point. Another exterior physical attribute is our soft flexible forms. We're always able to make way for someone else.

RR: No pointy elbows, huh? Anything else?

Alien: Now we can discuss some of our interior properties, not visual to the eye. Just as we have very good eyes, we have very good hearts. They are of a large size and there's room for everyone to be contained within.

RR: Oh? Do you think more aerobic exercises would help us build up our own cardiovascular system?

Alien: Mmmmm....? We also maintain a very unique nervous system.

RR: Oh, I'm always nervous.

Alien: This nervous system allows us to feel almost none of our own pain.

RR: That sounds great!

Alien: But we will feel the hurt of others, which makes us very careful never to inflict pain on anyone else.

RR: That's very profound. Does your puzzle shape form contribute to your peacefulness?

Alien: I was waiting for you to ask this question. I think that this is the most fundamental reason for our highly developed harmony. First of all, even when just two of us get together, we make a more clear image. Second, when all our planet-creatures join together, we form an enormous breathtaking mural. Knowing that each one is an intrinsic part of the picture requires us to respect and appreciate one another despite our differences.

RR: That's really amazing!

Alien: Well, I hope I've given you some useful insight into how we have such a peaceful society, but I must get going. I don't think I can manage all this bickering and quarreling one more moment. Bye!


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