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Torah World Continues to Demand Eida Chareidis Denounce Violence and Cease Degrading Rabbonim
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The entire chareidi community, particularly the Torah world, is shocked by continued attempts by the organizational leadership of the Eida Chareidis to hush demands from the Torah and yeshiva world to put an end to the campaign of defamation and incitement against maranan verabonon gedolei Torah shlita. After the Eida Chareidis' organizational leadership persuaded a number of rabbonim to sign a letter backing the attacks on the leadership of the Torah and yeshiva world, a position statement filled with lies and false charges was disseminated and even printed in the Eida Chareidis official publication.

Notably some Eida Chareidis rabbonim refrained from signing the letter and some of those who did sign told Yated Ne'eman that the organizational leadership of the Eida Chareidis had informed them refusal to sign would affect their standing.

According to reliable sources in the Eida Chareidis the organizational leadership has been waging a prolonged war against the yeshiva world, and at internal meetings calls have been issued to sever all ties between the Eida Chareidis and the Torah and yeshiva world and its leaders, maranan verabonon, despite the fact that some of the children of Eida Chareidis heads attend yeshivas and other Torah institutions under the leadership of maranan verabonon.

A committee set up by leading rabbonim and activists to handle the matter demanded a condemnation of recent acts of hooliganism in Jerusalem and dishonorable conduct toward Torah leaders. Several Eida Chareidis dayanim joined the demand as well, voicing strong objections to the conduct of a certain group of Eida Chareidis supporters in Jerusalem as well as the conduct of organizers within the Eida Chareidis itself. The committee was informed of the type of pressure applied against the rabbonim who refused to comply with the dictates of figures seeking to control the Eida Chareidis.

In response to the demand members of the Eida Chareidis Beis Din convened a meeting to discuss how to handle and publicize the matter, but organizational leaders managed to convince them to pass the decision onto the Eida Chareidis Executive Committee. According to sources certain activists at this meeting spoke impudently and disparagingly about maranan verabonon and even against Eida Chareidis rabbonim who sought to stop the campaign by a violent group in Jerusalem.

During the meeting other figures hostile toward the Torah and yeshiva world accused maranan verabonon, as well as their organ Yated Ne'eman, of supporting the Education Ministry's Core Curriculum Program, though both Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv and HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman have spoken out strongly against any such attempts to interfere with matters of curriculum in chareidi institutions.

At the end of the meeting members of the Eida Chareidis' organizational leadership drafted libelous notices that were posted in the streets, published in a recent edition of the Eida Chareidis' official organ along with an editorial supporting the publication of these libelous statements and even placed prominently in foreign newspapers.


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