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The Many Sides of the Security Fence

A common basis for comedy scenes is different perceptions of reality between the audience and the actor, or between two actors within the scene. When the actor finds out what is really going on, it can be really funny. In real life, such situations do not always end harmlessly.

A Middos Workshop: Ahavas Yisroel -- the Oneness of the Jewish People
Based on Shiurim of Rav Dovid Siegel

Honoring Hashem by Honoring the Human -- Part II

The first part of this shiur explained the concepts of the unique contribution of humanity to revealing the glory of Hashem by showing how the glory of Hashem penetrates even such a lowly place as that of man. The greatest potential for revealing this is in the Jewish people. We must not even abuse a Jewish criminal by leaving him on the gallows overnight because he shows the potential that was wasted by the crime committed.

Maran HaRav Aharon Kotler ztvk'l: "Am I an Ehrliche Yid?"
Rabbi A. Chefetz

It is Easy to Do Tshuva

Maran the Ponevezher Rov ztvk'l told that prior to a fundraising visit to solicit funds from people he knew from Lithuania who had settled in South Africa, he asked the Chofetz Chaim what message he could bring to those Afrikaner Jews in his name. Said the Chofetz Chaim: "Tell them that it is simple to do teshuvoh, to show remorse and to make a resolution.

Happiness With Mitzvos; Happiness With Hashem
by Rabbi D. Makover

A Literal Approach

Look. Today I give you a brochoh and a kloloh.

The blessing is: listen to the mitzvos of Hashem your G-d, which I order you to fulfill today.

Jewish Religious Services Authority

by E. Rauchberger

The Religious Councils across the country are collapsing. Many rabbonim and employees have not been getting paid, some of them for months already. Not a single council is meeting the need for religious services. Jerusalem residents were shocked to learn the Religious Council would no longer be able to maintain the city's mikvo'os due to large debts to fuel oil providers.

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