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Naaseh Venishma -- They Said, Together

Our fathers actually said Naaseh Venishma in the days before Shavuos, but that response of theirs to Hashem was a vital part of the entire process of accepting the Torah.

Shavuos Insights
by HaRav Moshe Feinstein zt"l

The Giving of the Torah Specifically in the Desert

By that which it states "Moshe received the Torah from Sinai" (Ovos 1:1), we are taught a very fundamental point. The mishna teaches us that we received the Torah before we began leading an ordinary life. When we were in the desert as ochlei hamonn, we lived a divine existence, with no effort in arranging for our food, shelter, or livelihood. Many of the mitzvos did not yet apply.

"Hashem's Torah is Perfect, It Restores the Soul; the Testimony of Hashem is Faithful, it Makes Wise the Simple... Sweeter Than Honey . . . "
by R' Yissochor Rubin

All From One Shepherd

"Hashem's Torah is perfect." (Tehillim 19)

Six verses are said in this psalm in praise of the Torah, each of them containing five words. This alludes to the Five Books of Torah and the Six Orders of Mishna, all of them given from one Shepherd to Moshe Rabbenu at Har Sinai: the written as well as the oral codes.

Kabolas HaTorah Only Through Ahavas Torah
by HaRav Yitzchok Yeruchom Bordiansky

Part I

"They stood at the foot of the mountain" (Shemos 19:17). "R' Avdimi bar Chama bar Chasa said: `This teaches us that HaKodosh Boruch Hu held the mountain over them like a barrel and said to them: "It is for your advantage to accept the Torah, but if you will not, you will be buried there" (Shabbos 88a).

Letters to the Editor

A Good Initiative

A number of years ago when A.B. (the secular Prime Minister) insisted on desecrating the Shabbos openly by having a transformer [an immense apparatus installed at a large electricity station] trucked on Shabbos night of all nights, rosh yeshivas Ofakim HaRav Chaim Kamil launched a counter- initiative to increase Torah-learning during those hours and indeed in response to his call dozens of members of the Ofakim kehilloh gathered at Beis Knesses Kivisi Hashem and studied there for two hours, and this study session then continued for an extended period.

Wrong Emphasis in Protests

To The Editor:

Recent articles about the government's economic plan have, in my opinion, insulted all previous generations of Torah-true chareidi Jews.

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