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Challenges of the Modern World: "They Got Their Hands on our Wealth"

Reading the business pages of the secular press lately can be quite depressing. Japan is in an economic slump that has lasted more than a decade and cannot shake itself out of it. The worldwide telecommunications industry is in a huge slide downhill: the second largest communications company in the US, Worldcomm, is bankrupt. Lucent, a huge company that was steady as a rock for three generations has gone from more than 150,000 employees just two years ago to a planned 35,000 within the next three months -- and it is typical of many.

Escape On Chanukah
by Rabbi M. D. Weinstock

Rabbi Gamliel was greatly beloved in his place of birth, the town of Sz. in Hungary. He had brought up hundreds of pupils with great selflessness. He prepared the children for the yeshiva; he was the melamed of the twelve- to thirteen- year-old boys.

by R' Paysach Freedman
Based on an address by Rav Zev Leff, Aish HaTorah, 28 Kislev 5761

The Attack

A man is walking peacefully down the street. Out of nowhere, someone appears, wielding an iron bar. He swings it mightily at the man's legs. Both of his knees are shattered immediately. The injured man collapses to the ground, writhing in pain and the attacker stands over him. As the victim prepares for a final blow, the attacker smiles politely at him.

The Light of Chanukah
by Rabbi Yitzchok Boruch haCohen Fishel

Many years ago, when the American forces under General George Washington were awaiting the famous battle at Valley Forge, the future president was deeply concerned about the welfare of his troops. The bitter cold and the poor provisions with which his soldiers of the revolutionary army had been provided, did not bode well for the outcome of the critical battle that awaited them.

The Final Result is Preordained from the Start
by Rabbi Yerachmiel Kram

I will be surety for him; from my hand will you require him" (Bereishis 43:9).

Yehuda's Trusteeship

The simple meaning of the term "guarantor" is known to all. We know that arvus in common money-loan terms denotes the responsibility that a third person assumes to pay back a loan one person took from another in the event that the former defaults upon that loan.

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