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Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky for Mayor of Yerushalayim

It is no secret that Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky, UTJ candidate for mayor of Jerusalem, is chareidi. For some, like us, this is a point in his favor. For others this may not count in his favor. But whatever you think about his religion, it is not necessarily the main reason that he is the best man to run Jerusalem.

Call for Awakening in a Time of New Decrees
from HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz Zichron Meir Bnei Brak

This letter was issued by HaRav Lefkowitz to provide encouragement and guidance in these difficult times.

Thoughts on the 28th of Iyar -- Yom Yerushalayim
by Rav Yerachmiel Kram

Our rabbonim, past and present, have made it clear to us not to mark the 28th of Iyar in any way, although since 28 Iyar 5727 we have been able to go to the remnant of Beis Hamikdosh to pour out our prayers at the place the Shechinoh has not left. I feel it would be worthwhile to expand a bit on their reasons, which have not been fully elucidated -- particularly to the younger generation.

The Royal Garb: Getting Dressed for Shabbos and Yom Tov
by Rabbi D. Travis

The daughter of a prominent Torah personality once asked her father if she could travel to England to visit her grandparents. The Rov replied that he was willing to let her go, but that she would have to earn the trip. While she started making the calculation of how many hours she would have to baby-sit to cover the airfare, her father explained that he was not referring to a monetary commitment. He wanted her to go to the queen's palace and see two things: the changing of the guard and the crown jewels.

Thoughts About SARS

To The Editor:

"Why did Hashem promise that He would never bring another flood upon the Earth ever again? It doesn't mean that Hashem will not bring localized disasters upon the world. He will bring napalm. He will being poison gas. He will bring viruses!" (HaRav Avigdor Miller zt"l, The Path of Life 2002, p.14).

Letters to the Editor

Seguloh to Protect Against Harm

During these difficult times it would be worthwhile to publicize an excerpt from Shaarei Teshuvoh on Hilchos Shabbos, 293, 3 mentioned by HaRav Don Segal during a shiur he gave.

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