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We Must Open Our Eyes

Now, more than ever, the simple Jewish truth is very evident: there is nothing that we can do, and even nothing that we can imagine that anyone can do, that will conclusively resolve the difficult situation that we are in. We have no one upon whom to rely except our Father in Heaven.

The Luchos and the Broken Luchos are in The Oron -- Part III: You Need Daas Torah to Start a War
A hesped on Rav Shach ztvk"l given on the sheloshim, by Rav Zvi Friedman shlita

We have already explained that someone who sits and learns Torah all day wrapped up in tallis and tefillin of Rashi and Rabbenu Tam is not yet within the category of being "chareidi," even if he does his best to observe rare mitzvos such as pidyon peter chamor. A "chareidi" is someone for whom the secular public is not part of the historical Am Yisroel and he dissociates and segregates himself totally from secular and wishy-washy circles. He feels no connection to their actions and deeds and finds no common ground with them on topics of religion, culture, and so on.

Derech Eretz
by HaRav Dovid Leibowitz, zt'l

This shmuess serves as a classic example of the way Reb Dovid would bring out the point of a statement of Chazal's, for his talmidim. As HaRav Avrohom Pam zt'l, put it, "He would take a single midrashic thought and toy with it for an hour, analyzing it, dramatizing it, expanding it at the risk of distortion, reexamining it again and again at the risk of tedium, ever fearful that the point is not yet fully appreciated, ever straining to exhaust the beauty of the medrash . . . "

Superfluous Speech
by Yochonon Dovid

In every area known to us, physical or abstract, we make use of a scale ranging from zero to whatever is the maximum. Between "a rainy day" and a "not rainy day," there is a vast range of in-between levels which are gauged most precisely by the barometer and the millimeters of rainfall. The range between hot and cold is similarly measured off in degrees and partial degrees to a fine precision.

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