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Suicide Terrorists Deterred by Concern over Family
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Over the past two weeks, two terrorists who had prepared to carry out suicide attacks were arrested by the Israel security apparatus after having reconsidered their original intention due to concern that that their families' houses would be demolished as a result.

Jilal Khalil Jarar, a 17 year old resident of the village of Yamoun near Jenin, was arrested in early July 2002. Jilal admitted during questioning that about six months ago he had approached his friend, an Islamic Jihad operative, and presented himself as a candidate suicide bomber. Jilal's friend told him that he would later contact him to carry out a suicide mission. About a week after the car bomb attack at the Meggido Junction on June 5, 2002 (in which 17 Israeli civilians were killed and 42 wounded) an Islamic Jihad operative contacted Jilal and offered him a chance to carry out a car bombing. Jilal refused the offer, stating that he was concerned for his parents and feared that their house would be demolished if he would carry out a suicide attack.

Oumiyeh Muhammed Damaj a 24 year-old female resident of the Jenin refugee camp, surrendered herself to an Israeli unit on July 27th. She told them that she had been strongly influenced by the suicide attack carried out by a woman from Bethlehem (the 29 March 2002 suicide bombing of supermarket in Jerusalem's Kiryat Yoval neighborhood in which two Israeli civilians were killed and 22 wounded) and as a result approached a senior Islamic Jihad operative and offered herself as a candidate to carry out a suicide attack.

Prior to Operation Defensive Shield, Oumiyeh prepared a personal letter to her family in which she announced her intention to carry out a suicide attack. A few days later she was photographed reading out her will while holding a rifle and a Koran. About two weeks later, she was contacted by the Islamic Jihad operative, stating that he had prepared a bomb which she could conceal as if she were holding a baby. This attack was later aborted.

About a week before Oumiyeh surrendered herself to Israeli authorities, she held a conversation with Islamic Jihad operatives regarding another attack which she wished to carry out. During the course of her conversation a friend of Oumiyeh was present in the room. The friend later reported to Israeli police about the conversation, and Oumiyeh's intention to carry at an suicide attack. When Oumiyeh subsequently surrendered herself to Israeli security forces she told them that she had done so because she was concerned they would demolish her family home if she indeed carried out a suicide attack.


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