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In Search of Security

What will be?

That is a question that is often heard these days in Israel as the presumptions that many have entertained for many years have crumbled. Is there a peace process with a "partner" who tries his best to murder you? Can Arafat make a deal? If he goes then what or who will take his place? What will be without tourism, without a high-flying stock market, without increasing economic growth?

Phidias the Recruit
by HaRav Alter Halpern, zt'l

The following story was written by HaRav Halpern almost fifty years ago. It tells the story of Chanukah in a dramatic and poignant way, from the (fictionalized) perspective of a young Hellenizer (Misyavein) who lives through the events. With it we also note HaRav Halpern's first yahrtzeit, 16 Teves.

A Chanukah His'orerus for the Ben Torah
by HaRav Leib Lopian, zt"l

There is the famous question posed by the Bais Yosef: Why do we kindle the Chanukah lights for eight days? Wasn't there enough oil in the menorah of the Beis Hamikdosh to burn for that first day? As such, that first day should be no miracle, and we would remain with the miracle of the oil lasting for only seven days, not eight.

Satan's Doing
by Yochanan David

A maggid shiur for the Daf Yomi, who teaches a broad audience most of which is comprised of men much older than he, is in a strange position. He is alone and finds it difficult to relate to them. As a teacher? He is more than that and the people before him are not like students in the literal sense of the word. And thus, a certain tenseness reigns between them.

Miss-Yovon, Miss America -- or the Pach Shemen Tohor?

by J. Bilgrei

Today, more than ever, we are at risk of being overcome by the appeal of the misyavnim. The Greeks, as opposed to all our other enemies, did not seek to destroy the Bais Hamikdosh. All they wanted to do was to emphasize its structural beauty as a manmade artistic edifice and eliminate all spiritual elements by removing Hashem from its midst.

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