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About Children Collecting Photographs of Gedolim
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The following was published on the front page of Yated Ne'eman in Hebrew last week.

We regard it as a spiritual necessity for us to publicly express our opposition to the various types of photograph albums that have been distributed in the past and are currently being distributed.

At first glance, such albums seem to have some educational merit, as they occupy children playing with collected pictures of our Torah giants, recalling the verse, "Let your eyes behold your teachers." Experience has taught us, however, that children take no interest whatsoever in the pictures themselves, but are merely interested in collecting the cards. The value of a card is determined by its rarity on the market, without any connection to the actual picture. Instead of education to values, the end result is usually contempt. As a result, any benefit possibly to be derived from such cards is distant and unlikely, but the damage they cause is both immediate and concrete.

In addition, such cards have had many negative ramifications. Among them:

A. The children become totally absorbed in the pictures. During davening time, during cheder, and in their free time that had up until now been used to pore over their studies, they are busy trying to acquire more cards. This has had the immediate result of many students' studies taking a dramatic downturn.

B. This phenomenon causes the waste of huge sums of money -- as small sums add up -- and this in itself would be cause enough to prohibit the whole business. In addition, this is often accompanied by the sorry phenomenon of children obtaining money from their parents by dishonorable methods.

C. Children buy and sell the cards among themselves. This is often accompanied by deceit and fraud; sometimes even by violence and theft. Even if these negative elements were not present, the mere fact of dealing in buying and selling and developing their business acumen at a young age is very undesirable.

We fervently call upon parents: Have mercy upon the children, our children, and do not let them have anything to do with these albums.

May it be His Will that, "for our sons are like saplings, nurtured from their youth . . . Our oxen are laden; there is neither breach, nor outburst, nor wailing in our streets!"

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