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Tante Dvoireh
by Anni Rephun Fruchter

Four sisters had Mutti, each one a gem. Ziviya, the oldest, was born in Kolbuszowa during the reign of the Austrian- Hungarian empire. When I met her in 1929, it was Poland. When I think of her, I remember her as a tall and stately grandmother, well-dressed and graceful.

A Deep Bond
a true story

by Mindy Aber Barad

"What was Hashem thinking when He introduced us?" my best friend's husband used to tease her. I'll call them Shira and Shmuli.

Pre-Birth Chinuch

by R' Zvi Zobin

Little Benny is lying in his crib. Occasionally, he moves his head, hands or legs and opens his eyes and appears to look around. Benny is learning about himself and his environment.

Writing Together
by Judy Belsky Ph.D

Judy Belsky deserves a paper platform all her own. She is the brainstormer, along with Varda Bronfman, of the Creative Writing group which meets once a fortnight and produces reams of marvelous copy. Your editor first met her in action at the day-long workshop that took place Rosh Chodesh Sivan and which may enrich Yated's Family Section forever after. Featured this week, elsewhere, are 2 pieces by Mindy Aber Barad, a first- timer here.

"I Wish I Could Tell the Principal..."

"It is rare that I have such a captive audience," said the retired teacher who gives an occasional Shabbos shiur in our neighborhood, "and this true story is too good to sit."


Re: "Wedding Hall Jitters" (Yated 13 Sivan).

As a professional optometrist who is privileged to fit many prospective brides wth contact lenses, I am frequently invited to weddings as well as to those of our many friends and neighbors. In addition, I play the organ for many simchas and have the opportunity of seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Last week we discussed hair, but hair color is not only related to the hair. It is also related to the skin. Red- haired people and blondes tend to be fair skinned and when exposed to strong sun, can burn easily. Redheads tend to freckle, although all people who freckle must be extremely careful. We'll soon see why.

Medical Self-Care Quiz
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

True or false?

1. Extra-strength pain relievers are more effective than regular-strength tablets.

2. If you are hoarse or have laryngitis you should whisper.

3. Certain foods can cause headaches in some people.

Poet's Corner

The Bar Mitzva
by Mindy Aber Barad

Don't they look great in that photo
My husband, my son.
Don't they look great
The one in the tuxedo,
The one he got married in,
The other in his first suit?
It may never fit him again.

Thank G-d, he will grow and grow.
No lengthening of pants and sleeves,
Can keep up with his growth.
No expansion of his shelves
Can keep up with his growth.
No expansion of the fridge
Can keep up with his growth.

And as the photo was taken,
I prayed my husband would
Keep up with his growth.
I prayed he would survive long enough
To see his growth.

Thank G-d, he has.
Thank G-d he recognized his pain for what it was.
Thank G-d he took the advice of others.
Caring voices reaching out day and night.
Do it -- you must.
Don't you want to see your son grow?

And then that day,
Son, he said, I've decided to live.
What a smile
That continued to grow.

We sought and found a solution,
We accepted it -- we did it.
Now we are at the end of a long journey,
Back to health,
Back to happiness,
Back to life.
Back to suits he will outgrow,
Back to bulging shelves,
Emptying refrigerators.

Hashem, Who trains my hands for battle,
My fingers for war,
Has given us battle enough,
And helped us win this war.

See how great they look in that photo
You'd never know.
Thank G-d we can take another photo
And all that will have changed
Are the suits.

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