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A New Era in Washington -- and in the Middle East

As the most powerful job in the world passed from William Jefferson Clinton to George W. Bush last Shabbos, it almost certainly marked the end of an era in the relations between the United States and the State of Israel.

Tu BeShevat -- A Tikkun for Eating the Eitz HaDaas
by HaRav Aryeh Leib HaCohen Shapira

Part I

This is the first of a three-part essay that explains many important and deep concepts that underlie the "minor" holiday of Tu BeShevat.

The Torah Universe: Heavens Above
by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin

In Perek Shirah, the ancient Midrash that lists the philosophical and ethical lessons to be learned from the natural world, the first song is: "The heavens are saying: `The heavens recount of G-d's glory, and the skies tell of His handiwork' (Tehillim 19:2)."

We do not Depend on Them
By Nosson Zev Grossman

At Yated Ne'eman we often get letters from readers asking us why we always review the historical opposition of the chareidim to the Zionist movement, since the Zionist idea went bankrupt a long time ago and even the secular public no longer admires its leaders or Zionist symbols.

The Tongue of the Stammerer
by Yochonon Dovid

I went to the Talmud Torah in order to have a talk with my friend, the principal. The secretary explained that he was interviewing a candidate for a substitute position for a teacher who was about to undergo surgery. He led me into a small side room which opened directly to the principal's office and told me to wait until the latter was free. I couldn't help overhearing part of the interview.

by Chaim Walder

In recent years, the issue of corporal punishment has been raised quite often. Debate on the subject has created a social trend that has resulted in a significant lessening of the use of corporal punishment as well as lowering the severity of any such punishment that is meted out.

Democracy: Governments and Mad Cows
by G. Milgrom

During these days when Israeli democracy has reached an all- time low, Israeli citizens can get an idea of how a democratic nation should be run just by reading newspaper reports from other democratic nations.

Kibbutz: Experimenting on human subjects
by M. Naftali

Nachshon Goltz, formerly of Kibbutz Ruchama, is planning to file a class action suit against the entire Kibbutz Movement. The allegation: conducting mass psychological testing on children. The result: the children became emotionally handicapped, were deprived of family-and home- life and lacked a clear identity.

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