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4 Nissan 5761 - March 28, 2001 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Still Struggling to Exist

Now the situation is that Israel, or prime minister Sharon, is said to demand the cessation of terror as against the Palestinians who demand that Israel ease the blockades of their cities and the other restrictions that were placed upon them. One demand against the other. This is absurd.

Thoughts About Yeshiva Dropouts
By HaRav Moshe Goldstein

The education of the younger generation has been a fundamental objective of the Jewish nation ever since its inception. "That he may command his children and his household after him." The transmission of Judaism's message to the next generation has always been one of its central characteristics.

The Heter Mechirah Debate / Can Good Come from Evil?
By Nosson Zeev Grossman

Recently we have been reading in Yated Ne'eman about the strange and infuriating battle people within the Chief Rabbinate have been waging on behalf of those who are marketing sefichin products according to the heter mechirah. Many of us have been shocked and bewildered by this strange phenomenon.

" . . . That I Commanded and My Will Was Done"
by L. Jungerman

Parshas Vayikro, which begins to deal, as we know, with the sacrifices, is related to the haftorah of Parshas Zochor, which in leap years is concurrent, as it was last year. There we hear the pained words of Shmuel Hanovi: "Does Hashem desire the burnt offering and sacrifices more than obeying the word of Hashem? See here: obedience is more important than a good sacrifice, heeding preferred to the fat of rams."...

Observations: What Israel and Arab Countries Have in Common
by P. Milgrom

The economic pressure Israel is applying to the Palestinian Authority has European countries worried. Dispatches calling on Israel to transfer the funds it owes the PA are becoming more and more urgent. But while the Europeans wait for Israel to begin channeling funds to save the PA from total collapse, it seems that Israel is not alone in delaying the transfer of funds to the PA.

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