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Torah World Tried to Honor Court Rulings; Court Tries to Uproot Torah World

After all the efforts of the Torah world for over two years to honor the orders of the High Court about providing a legal basis for the draft deferrals of yeshiva students, the wHigh Court has declared war on the Torah community by ordering the Israeli army to draft all yeshiva students as soon as possible.

Internal and External Battle
by Rabbi Nosson Zeev Grossman

Questions about how Torah-observant Jews can live side-by- side with those who have cast away the Torah's yoke have engaged both groups ever since the foundation of the State. Will endless confrontations about matters of religion and state continue to be our fortune?

Ani Hu -- I am He
By HaRav Aharon Yeshaya Roter

Part II

In the first part, HaRav Roter explained that the reason for many punishments is our failure to observe Shabbos. This includes Shabbos Bereishis, the Shabbos that we observe every seventh day, and what he calls Shabbos Ho'oretz, which we observe every seventh year.

"You Shall Surely Gladden Them"
by Yochanan David

The study session in the kollel was over for the day. The kollelniks gathered up the volumes scattered all over the tables and returned them to their respective places in the bookcase. One devoted member, a modest, unassuming person, quickly collected the glasses, put them back in the tea corner, and disconnected the electric urn; then everyone went out to the waiting minibus parked near the entrance.

The Hakoras Hatov Of a Gentile Giant
by Shlomo Boruch Abelesz (Melbourne)

This story happened last year to Chaim K., whose business manufactures and supplies blinds to commercial and private buildings.

A Bronx Boy Goes to Washington
by Zev Roth

Unlike today's vista of decrepit buildings, dilapidated housing and rusting junked cars, the South Bronx in 1950 was the home of a large and thriving community, one that was predominantly Jewish. Today a mere remnant of this once- vibrant community survives, but in the 1950's the Bronx offered synagogues, mikvas, kosher bakeries, and kosher butchers -- all the comforts one would expect from an observant Orthodox Jewish community.

by E. Rauchberger

Getting in Deeper

As election preparations go into full swing, the Right is also readying to wage a large-scale battle against an agreement Prime Minister Ehud Barak might sign with the Palestinians. In a meeting held last week by the Knesset Legislative Committee, right-wing Knesset members warned of violence that could break out among Jews, and of an international catastrophe that could lead to increased violence by Palestinians in the Territories.

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