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Egged Works with the Residents of Modi'in Illit
by A. Cohen

Egged has announced that it will upgrade its public transportation system in Modi'in Illit, on inter city as well as intra city lines. At a meeting of Egged with the local council head, Rabbi Yaakov Gutterman last week in Modi'in Illit. The plan is to take effect shortly. Modi'in Illit includes Kiryat Sefer and the Brachfeld areas.

Rabbi Yaakov Gutterman explained the extent to which residents of Modi'in Illit are dependent upon public transportation. Egged buses are not regarded merely means of transportation, but are much more than that. Egged lines are the main means for connecting residents of Modi'in Illit with other parts of the country. "Transportation is a central issue in the life of the residents and for that reason, the accessibility of the service must be guaranteed, frequency of buses increased, and the bus line system planned effectively," the council head said. He also expressed satisfaction over the positive response of Egged to the city's needs and the significant changes which have already recently taken effect.

Ron Ratner, director of the Egged Marketing Department, said that the residents of Modi'in Illit and its neighbors receive dedicated service from Egged. He praised the council head who has accorded the issue of public transportation top priority. "We regard the head of the council as well as the local Transportation Committee as necessary strategic partners in the shaping of a public transportation system for the benefit of local residents. Residents of Modi'in Illit deserve the best possible service. The aim is to grant the best, most inexpensive and most accessible services possible, and to further close relationships between Egged and representatives of the council," Ratner concluded.

Zeev Sonnenzon, director of the National Traffic Department, stressed that Egged regards services for the chareidi sector as an important part of its activity. "Consumers of public transportation in the chareidi sector are very important to us. We will do our utmost to grant them the best possible service, while considering the special needs of this sector."

Avi Friedman, regional operations director of Egged, pointed to a series of improvements on the bus lines of area residents. Rabbi Tzvi Sokolover, chairman of the local Transportation Committee, reviewed at length the needs of the local residents in the realm of public transportation.


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