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Home and Family
Wash Away Your Cares

a true story by Yocheved Hochman

Resettling after golus in America takes time, patience and heavenly assistance to find one's place in life's steady flow again.

Having found an apartment, renewed work connections, a school for her son, Mimi was determined to have only Hashem as her Boss, leading her through life's massive maze. All was beginning to find a new order. All, that is, except for one small detail -- a washing machine. How to keep your clothes clean? Thank G-d for good friends whose "laundry service" was quite efficient, clean, orderly and timely. Yet how much chessed could she take advantage of? After a while, the discomfort of the situation became more noticeable.

One morning, on the way to work, Mimi happened to pass by a local second hand appliance store. Curiosity claimed a high priority and Mimi peeked into the store to inquire about the washing machine she so desperately needed. The least expensive of the lot reached a hefty two thousand shekel. Gulping down the price was a mouthful and the hope of a new machine vanished from view. It seemed like a distant dream. But before the dark cloud of doom settled in, she quickly straightened up and thought to herself, "Hashem is the Boss and if He wants me to have a machine, He'll find the way. In the meantime, there is plenty to do to occupy my mind. And I don't want to be late for work."

Her pace quickened and in a moment, she was inside the main office at work. No sooner had she entered than the phone rang.

She picked up the receiver and the voice on the other said, "Hello, Mimi, remember me? I'm your former neighbor." Not waiting for a reply, she continued. "Well, my son Yanky came home from cheder yesterday with a piece of paper he found lying in the front yard. It looked important, he said, like someone's mail. It was covered with mud and it seems to have lain there for quite some time. It was torn open and I saw it was a letter from a bank. It seems that they owe you some money..."

Mimi didn't know whether to sing, jump or fly with excitement. The chances of anyone finding her mail in the front yard were one in a million. It could have blown away or even more probably landed in the garbage. Even more amazing was the hope of funds coming in.

She quickly called the bank and sure enough, they affirmed that a sum of money awaited her.

With lightning speed, she was on her way to the main branch, where she found the waiting room before the manager's office filled, with barely a wisp of air to breathe. People kept streaming in, one after the other, making the central bus station look like a rest home. The minutes ticked away along with the patience of the crowd. Finally, her turn came. The manager confirmed that monies she had earned when working for the goverment some twenty years before were now being allocated. Mimi listened eagerly as his fingers tapped the keyboard and waited for the screen to announce the final good news. The printer soon began spewing reams of paper. Apparently those work years had been quite productive.

One thousand shekel reported, two thousand, figures and more figures appeared on the ever growing megilla rolling out. The computer came to a stop. The manager looked up at Mimi with a grin. "Well, Geveret, you are now the proud owner of 8,000 shekel." Mimi, stunned in her chair, just grinned back in awe. The dream of a washing machine was closer than she had thought. More important, however, was the gentle loving reminder that the Boss knows just what we need, and when.


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