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An Unrecognized Miracle from Erev Purim, 5756

To the Editor:

I read the article on the Beis Yisroel miracle and I would like to tell over a true story relating to the Dizengoff bombing on erev Purim, 5756. I was working in Bank Mizrachi, a number of yards away from where the bomb exploded. Boruch Hashem, I survived the attack unscathed. If you remember, the terrorist exploded [himself] in the crosswalk of Dizengoff at the corner of King George, rather than inside of Dizengoff Center [a shopping mall that was full of people].

The media reported that the terrorist was likely scared off by the presence of a guard at the entrance to the Center, but I find that hypothesis weak for the following reasons:

1. The guard was, at best, lightly armed. A mere push of the guard, and the terrorist would have been inside the building where he could have achieved a much more deadly effect compared to the crosswalk.

2. Extensive intelligence is generally performed by the terrorist organizations before an attack. It is therefore highly unlikely that the terrorist was surprised by the presence of a guard.

A more likely scenario was that a true miracle occurred, which the media could not have possibly known.

Several seconds before the bomb exploded my bank's burglar alarm, which is extremely loud, went off, for no apparent reason. It is my opinion that the terrorist was approaching the building at the moment the alarm went off. [Hearing the alarm, he] believed he had been detected, panicked, and ran into the street to detonate.

Later research revealed that a construction worker had been drilling in the Center, hit a wire, and, through a short- circuit, caused the alarm to go off at just the right moment.

I am a firm believer in the power of Torah! It changed my life and existence for the rest of eternity. But is it not pretentious to declare as fact what motivated the Almighty to perform the miracle at Beis Yisroel?

I can assure you that Dizengoff Center is not exactly a bastion of Torah, yet Hakodosh Boruch Hu apparently performed a miracle there as well. Maybe the Almighty is so merciful that He performs miracles for secular Jews as well?


Kalman Davidson

The Editor Replies: Hashem is definitely merciful beyond our imagination. Many people who appear secular are as full of mitzvos as a pomegranate. When we see a clear miracle such as you report, it is our clear and unequivocal duty to thank and praise Hashem for his obvious acts of mercy.

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