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"Everyone knows" that in order to properly preserve printed materials they must be microfilmed. For more than 30 years libraries and commercial companies have committed their documents to microfilm in order to ensure permanent records. Between 1968 and 1984 the United States Library of Congress destroyed more than $10 million worth of books in order to microfilm them, according to author Nicholson Baker.

Preparation for Yeshiva Gedolah
by HaRav Michel Yehudah Lefkovitz

Many parents and roshei yeshivos of yeshivos ketanos must guide boys finishing yeshivos ketanos with regard to their future in yeshivos gedolos. Doubtless this is a decisive step for these boys, a step that informs their entire life and spiritual prominence.

Ridiculing Our Torah Leaders
by HaRav Mordechai HaMeiri

Part II

In the first part, the author makes clear that his remarks are directed against those committed to the leadership of HaRav Shach shlita. He then gives several examples of HaRav Shach's activities including examples of him standing up to the religious and near-religious efforts to water down the real obligation. In the end, he quotes Rabbenu Yonah about the strictness that cutting oneself off from the community is not advised.

Impurity -- a Testimony for Sanctity
by L. Jungerman

Said R' Simlai: Just as the creation of man followed that of the animals, beasts and fowl in time, so are the laws applying to them enumerated in the Torah following those of the animals, beasts and fowl. This is why it is written in the previous parsha, "This is the `Torah' of the beast and the fowl" and afterwards, in our parsha, "And she [the new mother] shall be impure for seven days" Vayikra Rabba 14).

They Told Us So
by E. Rauchberger

Seven or eight years ago, during the Rabin government, the Oslo Accords were born. The Likud, then the opposition party, was firmly opposed to the accords both in the Knesset and in mass demonstrations and protest activities across the country. The Right was up in arms against the proceedings with the Palestinians, but to no avail. The accords were signed and dispatched, and the ball was set in motion.

Pay for Some El Al Pilots Goes Sky High
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Pilot salaries are one of El Al's most costly burdens, say senior executives of the company, which has fallen on hard times.

According to Ha'aretz correspondent Z. Blumenkrantz, the November pay slip of one pilot, with the rank of captain, showed a salary of NIS 73,898-- a base pay of about NIS 50,000 and over NIS 20,000 in overtime.

Armed With Diplomas or Defenseless?
by Chaim Walder

In the following article we will discuss a very important problem: how to treat sensitive educational, social, family and psychological problems in the chareidi community.

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