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Street Gangs -- A Vicious Cycle
by R' Zvi Zobin

A street gang is one thing we cannot blame on the school. It develops during the evenings and nights when children are under the full responsibility of their parents.

by Masha Wolf, M.A.,
Child therapist, group and play therapy, guidance counseling

Part II

How to Help

In order to help your shy child most efficiently, it is important to pinpoint the problem. A shy child may tell you that no one likes him and therefore, he plays alone. This may simply be the result of his anxiety or poor social perception.

Sleepless Children
by A. Ross

Part II

In 1986, the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, in Prague, published a report on children's sleeping patterns. They came to the conclusion that infants vary tremendously in how long and how deeply they sleep, how restless they are and how much they move in their sleep. They decided that it depended on the child's personality. This study proved what most parents already knew!

Word Power -- or -- The Day I Became a Writer
by Sue Tourkin-Komet

We've met Sue the Child Prodigy Dishwasher. Read about her real vocation

A Little Bit at a Time
by Rosally Saltsman

Some advice from an unlikely place, a woman who is always thin and beautiful, helped me lose weight. When I remarked how I couldn't imagine that she needed to watch her weight, she said that she did and that she kept her weight off one gram at a time. That's when I stopped thinking of losing weight in terms of kilos and more in terms of fighting off one gram at a time. I eventually lost the weight I wanted to and now, when I get on the scale after Shabbos, I recall her words and begin another week of taking off one gram at a time.

Vacation Bound
by Helena Scholnick

It's 8:05 a.m. on a very warm, sunny Monday morning, end of June. My spirits are in high gear. After weeks of anticipating my four-day Mother's Holiday Camp, I'm finally out the door.

Waiting for Pickup
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

There is nothing quite like the wonderful feeling of doing chessed. Of doing something worthwhile and important for others less fortunate than we. There's an afterglow of being a giver rather than a taker, of "walking in Hashem's ways" and trying to emulate Him: as He gives with an open, bountiful hand, so we too try to do.

The Boss is Watching

by Rosally Saltsman

I was working at one of my jobs when a virus was discovered in the computer. My boss called the people whose job it is to disinfect the computer and I described the problem to them. They then tried to explain to me how to rid the computer of its virus and make it all well again. They also sent me several files to enable this process. The problem was that it took two days to find the right file to send me. I spoke to two different people and two mornings were filled with calls back and forth with the company.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

There is a group of diseases that are less obvious to people but can be very distressing to those who are afflicted. Anxiety attacks or panic attacks are characterized by agitation, anxiety and vague complaints, such as chest pains, sweating, dizziness, weakness and pains in various areas of the body. They may be accompanied by rapid pulse, and shortness of breath.

Rigshei Lev, subtitled "Women and Tefillah: Perspectives, laws and customs."
by Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Reviewed by Mrs. Chana Silver

As a tefilloh teacher at seminaries here in Yerushalayim, I have found that there is a dismal and sometimes pathetic attitude toward tefilloh. By and large, there are many young women, coming from the best of homes, who just go through the motions of tefilloh. They have little concept of what true kavonoh is, and their motivation to understand how through tefilloh one can develop a relationship with Hashem is low.

Poet's Corner
Taking Responsibility
by E. T. Isaacs

Seething with anger
Embarrassed and sore,
Mrs. X's phone call
Couldn't have hurt more.

She's ruined my morning,
She's ruined my day,
Woe betide any person
Who'll get in my way.
Frustrated as I am
I won't clean, I won't cook,
And curl up with a book.

Chocolate squares I consume
One piece after the other,
But the fiery flames of anger
They fail abysmally to smother.

The minutes tick by
As I continue to read,
How can I concentrate
When with fury I seethe?

The kids will be home soon
But my mood is contagious,
They'll scream and they'll squabble
And behave simply outrageous!

A domino effect will happen
Right here in my home,
All because of Mrs. X
We'll all grumble and groan!

But wait just a minute
Why on earth should this be?
Who'll be held accountable
For my reactions? Mainly ME!


This world's one big stage
With each person an actor
I'm responsible for my lines
Despite any external factor.

Just because Mrs. X
Messed up her own part,
Shall I also mess up mine?
That wouldn't be smart!

In order that I grow and gain
This test was sent my way
I'll face it with responsibility
Succeed in my part of the play,
So that when the curtains descend
And the Director Himself will ask
Did YOU live up
To YOUR individual task?

I'll be able to reply
An answer that's honorable
Because ultimately, for my own lines
Only I -- am responsible.


The chocolates returned to the fridge
And the book to its shelf
I peeled the potatoes
Relieved to be my own self.
Lunch bubbled merrily
And I hummed a cheery song
As I zipped through the house
Cleaning up didn't take long.

Happy kids trooped in
And happy they'll remain,
When I'm responsible for my lines
Duties remain intact
Regardless of what transpires,
Pray to perform to perfection
As the Director Himself desires.

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