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Neutral Observers Who Work for One Side

Eight months ago, three Israeli soldiers were kidnapped in the area of the Shebaa Farms near the Lebanese border. The soldiers were on the Israeli side of the border drawn by the United Nations, which supervised the new boundary between Israel and Lebanon. The kidnapping originated on the Lebanese side of the border and was completely unprovoked. It took place about 300 meters from a UN observation post and in full view of that post.

"Chareidi" -- A Label or a Way of Life?
by Nosson Zeev Grossman

The last few generations have provided us with a whole array of terms and concepts, which attempt to define the extent of religious observance of a member of the Jewish nation. In the past there was an obvious distinction between a Jew and non-Jew, the Jewish and non-Jewish nations, and an observant and nonobservant Jew, but in recent times we have witnessed the birth of a plethora of new definitions.

Unblocking a Shidduch -- Proper Behavior With Other People
by HaRav Nosson Einfeld

A moving and important story from a veteran educator. The lesson is good for all times, and certainly for these three difficult weeks.

Ish Al Ho'eidoh -- A Man Over the Congregation
by L. Jungerman

Excerpts from the letters of Maran HaGaon R' Yitzchok Hutner zt'l

"Let Hashem, the G-d of the spirits of all flesh, set a man over the congregation . . . "

Observations: Elisheva Barak to Spend Five Weeks in Germany Despite Backlog -- She Just "Happens" to be Barak's Wife
by M. Levy

Concerns over "improper administration" as a result of apparent or alleged nepotism have been brought before the High Court recently as part of appeals to prevent Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from sending his son on diplomatic assignments. Since then several reporters pointed out a similar problem that could develop within the legal system itself where appointing relatives has become an established practice and an open secret.

Observations: One Crime Leads to Another
by P. Matzliach

The Income Tax Department is conducting a collection drive. Dozens of workers are descending on areas around the country to improve tax collection efficiency and to prevent tax evasion.

Observations: Americans Have Problems of Their Own: the Price of Energy
by S. Matzliach

Following sharp increases in fuel prices and the electricity crisis in California, energy problems have become one of the leading concerns of U.S. citizens, according to a Gallup survey. In response to the question, "What is the most important problem facing the nation?" 21 percent of Americans said "the price of fuel" or "the shortage of energy resources."

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