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Charity Begins in the Home --
The Family Gemach

Adapted from a piece by Chaim Walder

The Shaefers live in the central area of the country. They have ten children; the head of the family is in kollel, the mother teaches. Needless to say, they barely make it to the end of the month.

Color Blindness -- and Judging Favorably!
by A. Ross

About five years ago, an optician in England claimed that he had found a remedy for color blindness. Not a cure, of course, but a remedy. He didn't know why or how it worked, but it seemed to be effective. He developed his idea and began to sell tinted contact lenses to enthusiastic customers.

The Mystery of the Missing Key

by Yisca Shimony

Minna was busy feeding her two little youngsters. When they were full and drowsy, she put them to bed for their daily afternoon nap. Now that all was quiet, she suddenly realized that her husband had not come home for his meal. Was he fasting today?

Recognizing a Normal Child

by R' Zvi Zobin

Mrs. Reuven phoned the Rov in a panic. "My daughter's teacher told me that I have to take my child for testing because when all the other children are sitting quietly waiting to make the brocha over their mid-morning sandwich, my daughter does not wait but starts eating straight away!"

Rise of the Phoenix
by Rosally Saltsman

Until recently, I believed the phoenix to be a mythological creature from a decadent and defunct culture. I was therefore surprised when a Rov teaching a class in my house to a group of kids told them of such a bird described in Gemora Sanhedrin. This bird, called ohf hachol, was blessed by Noach with eternal life for being such a good jailbird in the ark. The Midrash relates that this bird lives a thousand years, after which it throws itself in a fire and is reborn.


Epidural -- Not Only Skin Deep

A letter from Sarah Goldstein, Professional Labor Assistant, Jerusalem:

Once again, another comment on epidurals by a respected head of a department. This time, Head of Emergency Medicine of Maayanei HaYeshua, Dr. Joseph Liebman. He "cannot condemn the practice." He goes on to say, "Childbirth is painful and epidurals have a remarkable safety record." "Remarkable" is relative.

To See the Good...
A True Story -- or -- A Thought for Elul

by A. Reader

He went to the bank every Thursday morning. On this particular morning, it was his misfortune to be served by a bank clerk who was improperly dressed. According to him, it wasn't even `dressed'...

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

What does a pediatric gastroenterologist do?

Gastroenterologists in adults deal with ulcers and outpouches of the colon called diverticuli, but kids don't get these diseases too often. They get reflux early in life, where food is regurgitated up the feeding tube (esophagus) and into the airways. It can cause inconsolability, and pain.

Poet's Corner
There Are None So Blind as Those Who Won't See
Tshuva, anyone?

by A. Reader

Bein odom lechavero is always difficult and needs emphasis. We like to think that the problems discussed here are those of a minority. However, some of those who need enlightenment in this area, need it badly.

I drive into the car park and try to find a space,
Right there ahead I see someone, about to leave the place,
I watch them close their seat belts, my light is flashing on,
Then SWOOSH, a car drives past me, my parking space is gone.

I went to do my shopping, the aisles are narrow there,
It's hard to get round corners, one has to `steer' with care,
And as I browse among the shelves, a trolley [cart] hits my back,
In pain, I turn, two more come by, to finish the attack.

I came home with my shopping, it was a lovely day,
Some girls were talking happily, they did not move away,
I tried to pass but could not, I walked into the road,
And had to walk right round them, shlepping my heavy load.

A group of boys come running; Rebbe's let them out,
They have to let off steam now; they jump and fight and shout.
They knock a little girl down and leave her crying there,
They didn't even see her with her pretty golden hair.

One evening at the Kosel, I'm waiting for the bus,
Not many people standing, maybe five of us,
And suddenly, there's dozens, pushing from behind,
Do they not see the others? Are they rude or blind?

In a shop or at a shiur, any sort of queue,
There is this awful feeling that people don't see you,
There are some folks who're `humble' and disdain any pride,
And see just their four cubits -- as they push others aside.

The little words "I'm sorry" or `Slicha', if you like,
Do not really help you when you're underneath a bike,
Prevention is much better, let's educate our youth,
To care for folks around them to be far less uncouth.

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