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Zimbabwe Facts and Figures?

To The Editor:

Re: Yated Ne'eman 27 Nisan

On page 40 you printed an article on Zimbabwe which contains figures that are grossly incorrect. It is the responsibility of a newspaper to check the information it puts out for, if you get even only one thing hopelessly wrong, how is any reader going to be able to have confidence in anything you write?

In this case, you were only a telephone call away from the South African Zionist Federation who would have corrected your article had you asked them to.

Particularly I suggest you request from them the actual population figure at 1965, which was never anywhere near as high as 30,000, and the current value of the Zimbabwe dollar, which is certainly not as low as one U.S. cent! And, with the corrected figures in your hand, print a correction in your next issue with appropriate apologies to your readers.

Finally, your description of the last religious leader as a "lay preacher" conjures up impressions of goyishe village parson with his head jammed in the clouds, which is as far as you could get from the actual reality. I knew him well and would like to comment, "Halevai most of our current rabbis would be as earnest a Yiddishe leader as he was!"

Yours faithfully,

A Krikler

The Editor Replies:

On a recent day that we checked, the Zimbabwe dollar was quoted at less than 1.5 U.S. cents. We also believe that the population figure is accurate. We did not mean the term "lay preacher" as a disrespectful description, and are glad to hear the good words about him.

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