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Large Eida HaChareidis Rally for Shmitta Observing Farmers
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A large and impressive throng filled the Aperion-Renanim halls in Yerushalayim, at a meeting marking the opening of the extensive fundraising drive of the Eida HaChareidis on behalf of the shmitta observing farmers. These giborei hakoach, who are leaving their vineyards, fields and lands fallow this year with outstanding valor and dedication as stipulated by the halocho, are united under one roof by the Nationwide Center for Shmitta Observing Farmers, founded by HaRav Binyomin Mendelsohn, zt"l, the gaavad of Kommemiyus. This important shmitta effort truly unites all sectors of the chareidi community.

Heading the assembly were: the gaavad of the Eida HaChareidis, HaRav Yisroel Moshe Dushinsky; the ravad, HaRav Yisroel Yaakov Fisher; the Admor of Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok; the Admor of Toldos Aharon; the Admor of Chakava, as well as the members of the BaDaTz: HaRav Moshe Halberstam, HaRav Yaakov Blau, HaRav Meir Bransdorfer, HaRav Menachem Mendel Mendelsohn the rav of Kommemiyus: and many morei tzedek and morei horo'oh of the Eida HaChareidis, among the HaRav Amram Hoffman one of the prominent morei tzedek, and HaRav Mendel Fuchs, a moreh tzedek of Ramot who also spoke.

At the assembly, which was also attended by a special delegation of prominent rabbonim of Brisk, the gaavad, the ravad and the other speakers ardently stressed the special importance of the mitzvah of shmitta in these times, and the vital need to be loyal and genuine partners with the giborei koach, the shmitta observing farmers, who keep shmitta in line with the directives of the rabbonim, the heads and members of the Badatz, and all of the great rabbonim of our Nation throughout the generations. A speech was also delivered by HaRav Menachem Mendel Mendelsohn.

Of special interest were the speeches of three farmers, who presented firsthand reports of their situation. At the assembly the special dedication of all of the rabbonim of Yerushalayim who courageously contended with who sought to uproot this mitzvah in 5649, and for that purpose, even then, founded a special fund to help all of the shmitta observing farmers who proudly and bravely bear the banner of shmitta, were cited.

The assembly was organized by the askonim of the Eida HaChareidis, headed by HaRav Tzvi Reuven Davidowitz, one of the prominent activists of chareidi Jewry in Yerushalayim, and the main organizers of the Keren Hashvi'is of the Eida HaChareidis. They were spurred to activity by the recent, additional call of maranan verabonon the members of the Badatz who once again called upon the community to actively share the financial burden of the shmitta observing farmers in Eretz Hakodesh. They said that no one should donate less that $120.00 for this sacred purpose, and that this obligation devolves on everyone.


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