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Our Struggle for Israel's Soul

Last Friday night (parshas Chukas), during a meeting of the Socialist International in Lisbon, Portugal, Israel's Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, met with Yasser Arafat (whose socialist credentials are at least as strong as his peacemaking credentials) at the official residence of the prime minister of Portugal. Though the possibility of such a meeting was foreseen, nevertheless it caused a political storm in Israel.

Isn't it Enough to be a Good Person?
by Rav Y. Weinberg, zt"l

This is an edited transcript of a lecture on a tape that was provided courtesy of the Aish Hatorah Audio Center.

Advice on How to Study Torah
by HaRav Shimon Moshe Diskin

This is the full text of a letter sent by HaRav Shimon Moshe Diskin, zt"l, to a talmid advising him how to study Torah and grow in avodas Hashem.

There Can Be No Blemish in the Sanctity of the Klal
by L. Jungerman

"And Bolok said to Bilaam: Come, I pray you, with me to another place, from whence you may see them; you shall see but the utmost part of them and shall not see them all, and curse them from there" (Bamidbor 23:13).

Observations: Nation Religious Youngsters Threaten not to Enlist because of Immodesty
by M. Halevy

The national-religious movement's "Torah" community is up in arms over the increasing complaints of hesder yeshiva students, who caution that military service has become intolerable due to severe breaches in halocho and tsnius.

A Segulah for Having Children

To the Editor:

I would like to bring a segulah for having children to the public's attention. It is good for other areas where help is needed as well. The gemora says, "Whoever is in need of something and prays for someone else with the same need, will be answered first."

Observations: 24 MKs Support Casino Bill
by P. Matzliach

Not everything in the country is peaches and cream; there is still room for improvement. According to 24 MKs, what we really need now is a gambling casino. They maintain that if a casino were to be built, affairs would be better all around.

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