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Building Up Your Child
by Masha Wolf, M.A. in Child and Family Counseling, Practicing Child Therapist

We are beginning a series on child esteem, among other topics. Mrs. Wolf welcomes any specific questions on child rearing, and has taken some of the reader response from past articles (R' Zobin and others) to discuss. Upcoming is an article on anger in children. This introduction is more general.

About Bedtime Stories by Professional Writers - Part III
by Devora Piha

Sarah Shapiro, well known editor of "Our Lives" series, several anthologies for Orthodox Jewish women, author of "Growing Up With My Children," magazine articles (Jewish Observer) and, most recently, "Don't You Know It's a Perfect World?" (Targum - Feldheim), emphasizes the relationship of the parents and child, and the special atmosphere that is created during the reading of bedtime stories.

Every Child is an Expert Linguist
by Rachel Gil

Interviewing: Chana Levine

Learning a new language, one of the most difficult tasks for an adult, comes naturally and easily to young children. Researchers have proven that in this aspect, young children are more skilled than adults, and that they have a unique potential in this field. The younger they are, the more languages they are able to master and they also manage to acquire all the finer points of grammer.

The Mother-in-Law Quiz, Anyone?

by L.M.W.

Relationships between close relatives are truly a test of where we stand, of our true selves. Even if we try to keep our distance or wear different masks in society, it usually won't work with our dearest and nearest.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback
Shabbos Candles

by Devoiry Spitzer, age 8, England

Every Friday, it was Ruthi's job to make sure that there were Shabbos candles. One Friday Ruthi came home late from school and forgot about the candles. All the shops were closed already and it was drawing near to Shabbos. Well, you can imagine they didn't know what to do.

Your Medical Questions Answered!

by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

The Unseen World, Continued

We will now discuss another type of microscopic creatures Protozoa. These little beings are more developed than bacteria, but are still invisible to the naked eye. While they commonly cause problems in the third world, they are rare in the countries where most of my readers dwell, so I will spend little time on them.

Poet's Corner
Enjoying the Meal
by Talia Applebaum, Beitar

Doesn't anyone care about another's soul
Cast off somewhere in some dark hole?
Can't anyone spare the time
To say a word or two that's kind?
Too sunk in our own sea of hassles
and concerns are we,
To lift up our heads a moment to see,
See, contemplate, comprehend
As to why into this world we were sent,
To get tangled up in the obstacles of life,
To be sunk up to our necks in strife,
To weather this world all alone,
To have our hearts turn to stone.
So why did He create so many of us?
Only to give us troubles about which to fuss?
The load would be lighter, easier to bear
If each one showed his friend he cared,
Enough to make a kind helpful gesture,
And not leave the wounds to fester.
In Gehinnom the sumptuous food is all laid out
But the forks are so long -- no one knows what they're about.
In Gan Eden they're enjoying the meal,
For each one responds to the other's appeal.

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