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Home and Hearth
by Rivka Tal

"Home is the place where one can find some of the greatest satisfactions in life. It is the place where we eat and sleep, work and play, struggle with the problems of the present and plan with hope for the future. Truly, it is the very foundation of our existence.

Parenting Workshops - Working Together

The Home and Family section has raised the issue of natural parenting by instinct - and staying home to practice it - or attending lectures, workshops etc. to improve one's parenting.

We will let D.S. (Jerusalem) present her case FOR workshops, as her response to a letter we printed asking for more hands- on advice on Chinuch.

Writers Tell About Telling Bedtime Stories - Part II
by Devora Piha

Interviewing: Chana Levine

Most of us prefer to read a book straight off the shelf and so does Chana, sometimes, either one of her own, or by another author. By the end of a busy day, that's all most of us can muster. "Sometimes I read back the novel I am writing from the computer to my daugher Shoshana. She is my biggest fan and I enjoy her encouraging feedback."

Urei Betuv Yerusholayim
All Types of Jews

by Esther M. Ochs

Sitting in the back of a van that shuttles along the No. 3 bus route, taking on customers along the way, I had the wonderful privilege of observing a most remarkable scenario of goodwill among Jews.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

The Unseen World , Part Two

Bacteria are fascinating. This kingdom of organisms were unknown until Anton von Leuwenhook discovered the microscope in 1654. The creatures are made up of one cell and have characteristics of both animal and plant life. Some are able to act like seeds -- they are even able to remain dormant in soil for hundreds of years.

Three Dill Recipes

Presented by Rivka Tal

Dill is a member of both the parsley and the carrot families. It is named from the Old Norse 'dill', to lull, referring to its soothing, sleep-inducing ability, brought out by steeping. Especially popular in Scandinavia, its pleasant, spicy aroma is used to flavor fish, pickles, salads and soups.

Poet's Corner
A Common Calamity
by Malka Adler

Vague the alphabet of your native tongue,
Forgotten the words to the songs you've sung,
And family names of those you hold dear,
Can't comprehend the mail - letters unclear.
A bell keeps ringing -
The door, clock or phone,
Who's voice is that?
So familiar the tone!
Eyes open only halfway, at best,
Sleep is erratic - no feeling of rest,
Awaken and wonder where you are,
Mealtimes and cravings are a bit bizarre.
Of buses and transport, one's unaware,
Work? Can't recall how to travel there.
Don't recognize these poeple you're meeting,
They're neighbors waving a friendly greeting.
Your mind is muddled, function fading fast,
How long will this catastrophe last?
Just temporary - you're not senile,
Keep thanking Hashem all the while,
And accept JET LAG with a smile!

by Ruth Lewis

I hate you, door,
I hate your blank and boring looks,
Utilitarian ordinariness.
You're just an old piece of wood,
And nothing more,
I hate you, door.


I have dreamt of real doors,
Doors of sandalwood and cedarwood and teak,
Of copper, silver and gold,
Of filigree inlaid with ivory,
Intricately carved.
Doors hung about with wind chimes or
With gently tinkling brass.
Great arched doors with windows of
Stained glass.
Oh, I have dreamt of doors.


Door, I grow so weary of
Your colorless, your dreary
Dull off-white.
One day, I'll get you, door.
I'll paint you fire-engine red.
Or lacquer yellow, bright as bright,
I'll cover you with painted flowers,
And birds and butterflies,
Giant orchids, parrots, peacocks --
Turquoise-feathered, shimmering --
And leaping fish with iridescent scales,
And scarlet pomegranates, snapping dragonflies,
Snapdragons, fire-breathing dragons,
White-winged unicorns.
Then you'll be a real door.
Meanwhile, I hate you, door.


I love you, door,
So plain, so simple, unadorned,
So homey, unassuming, poor.
Like Truth.
You shelter, shield, protect me,
Throw yourself between me and the world.
Stand faithful to your function,
Always there.
Door of this Land,
Reflecting all its qualities.
Stripped bare
Of sham, pomp, fakery, lies, falsities,
Frills, fripperies,
Art, artifice, artificialities.
Oh, take away those gaudy, overpainted doors!
Give me my plain, my holy, honest, truthful door.
At my core,
I love you, door.

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