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Living With Pressure

by Rochel Gil

Most people think that pressure is a destructive force and that we must do our utmost to avoid it. James Lauer, an experienced psychologist who deals with pressures both at home and at work, tries to dispel this widespread belief.

Another "Asher Yotzar" Miracle

We have already presented two articles on this subject, this necessary bodily function which we highly underestimate - until something goes wrong.

Each and every single mitzva has the power to save a person and to work miracles. The simple blessing of "Asher Yotzar" is certainly no exception.

Grandchildren Near and Far

by M. Steinberg

More than sixty years have passed since my father's family flew in fear from Germany as war approached. His sister made it to Zurich, a brother to Tel Aviv and another brother to far-off Melbourne. My father was already established in America when his parents finally came to live with us. For all the years of my childhood, my grandparents shared our home.

Parenting with Menucha -
A New Series Dealing with Everyday Issues

by Menucha Fuchs

THE GOOD MORNING ROUTINE - How to Wake Children Up in the Morning

Morning is a very pressured time for most parents. Those who work outside the house, leap out of bed as soon as they wake up and have a look at the clock. "Time to get up!" they invariably declare to one and all, themselves included.

My Middos World

by Menucha Beckerman

Which child has never fantasized a utopian Candyland where he could eat whatever he chose and as much of it as his stomach could hold? What child has not gone through a selfish stage of possessiveness? Or wanted to revert to babyhood to gain the attention that Baby Brother seems to get so effortlessly? Growing up, honesty, responsibility, basic character traits and many very commonplace conflicts in childhood, are probed by a very skillful pen in very de luxe editions.

Help! - A Drama in Real Life
by Menucha Levin

At first, I tried to ignore the early warning symptoms - the sluggishness, bad breath, wheezing and steadily rising temperature. But as the summer continued, these symptoms grew worse and I began to suspect the patient was truly ill and clearly needed treatment.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

One of the problems in writing a medical column is that the discussion of some conditions is irrelevant to many readers. Sometimes what I write about it is relevant to people who don't read my articles; sort of like the rav whose sermon to his congregation is more relevant to those who aren't there. But at some point you may meet a neighbor or a chavrusa with this problem and your intervention may save a life.

Poet's Corner
Old Program - New Models

by E. Isaacs

Rachel turned around,
Susan squealed in delight,
"What a lovely surprise
To meet you here tonight!"
The two old school friends
Found space at a table,
To exchange a decade of news
They now would be able.
"I followed your example and took
A computer programming course,
I'm so grateful to you, Rachel,
It's a great parnossa source.
I've told you about myself,
Now, Rachel, it's your turn to tell,
In computer programming, you must be
Top personnel."
Rochel's smiling eyes twinkled
As she slowly shook her head,
"I no longer program computers,
I program people, instead."
Susan was astounded,
"I'm confused," she exclaimed,
"All those years of study,
Were simply in vain?
Did you study for a different career,
Despite your straight A's in computers that year?"
"Oh, I still do programming," replied Rachel,
But I do it all at home,
I program six advanced computers,
Which, in turn, will program sets of their own."
"An example of people programming?"
"Susan - no problem, my pleasure.
I'll tell you today's little story,
It involves my eldest, my treasure.
A friend of hers failed
A promised notebook to return,
Miri needed it desperately
For an exam she needed to learn.
Miri picked up the phone:
`I'll give her a piece of my mind!'
But I gave Miri a hug, saying firmly,
`You'll do nothing of the kind.
I can well understand
How frustrated you are,
But wait a while before you call,
And you'll achieve much more, by far.'
Miri sat by the phone,
And I brought her a cool drink,
She sipped at it slowly,
Taking time off to think.
Cool, calm and collected,
She now dialed the number,
`Hello, Chavi? How are you?
I need my notes back, remember?'
A cheery conversation followed,
The receiver replaced with a smile,
Compared to this achievement, Susan,
Isn't computer programming just mild?"

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