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22 Av 5760 - August 23, 2000 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Privatize Israel's Lands

Surprising as it may seem, the shortest way to reducing the price of housing in Israel may be to release farming land to the kibbutzim and moshavim for development. That would take control away from the Israel Lands Authority and allow the free market to assert the expertise it has demonstrated in allocating resources over the last few generations.

Happiness and Wealth
by Rabbi Nosson Zeev Grossman

Part II

In the first part, Rabbi Grossman discussed the modern malaise of people who lack a spiritual anchor in life and consequently are basically bored. This shows itself even in the lives of most people in their difficulty with the long vacations given to children in the summer. Without overall goals in life, they lack focus and purpose, and become excruciatingly bored.

Proper Behavior With Other People
by HaRav Nosson Einfeld

More stories and insights from a veteran educator.

I have heard many stories from parents and educators about how they were sometimes not conscious of a student's true character; how they were mistaken about his potential.

Anticipating a False Messiah
by L. Jungerman

"If there shall come before you a false prophet or a dreamer of dreams and he shall give to you a sign or a wonder, and that sign or wonder come to pass of which he spoke to you, saying: Let us go after other gods which you have not known and let us serve them.

The Israeli Media Lives in a World of It's Own
by A. Yitzchaki

The Israeli media had a field day recently dealing with its own colossal blunder regarding the recent presidential election.

Tommy Lapid, Where Are You?
by A. Yitzchaki

Democratic Presidential candidate Al Gore has chosen Senator Joseph Leiberman as his running mate. Leiberman who has been a senator for the past twelve years, is a religious Jew. For the first time in the history of the United States, a Jew has been nominated as a candidate for vice president, and not only a Jew, but an observant one.

Constitution Above All
by A. Yitzchaki

There is nothing surprising in the decision of a Federal Judge in New York that the American law's safeguarding of the kashrus of products violates the American constitution.

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