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The Jewish People are Truly Believers

On Shabbos Parshas Bereishis, an Israeli bus skidded in the first rains of the season and plunged off a cliff, killing 16 of its passengers and injuring 38. Authorities are now investigating and trying to decide if the fault was the driver's or the bus company's maintenance people. No doubt this must be determined, but we know that the situation was not aided by the fact that the trip involved chillul Shabbos.

Rights vs. Right: Entitlements or Obligations?
by Elaine M. Viders, Esq.

Contemporary American Jewish women are standing up for their rights, demanding equality in Judaism. I have heard my sisters' passionate words of protest and have tried to understand their complaints, to share their anger. But I cannot.

Rising to Greatness
by HaRav Alter Yitzchok Dershowitz zt"l

Parshas Lech Lecho opens with HaKodosh Boruch Hu commanding Avrom: "Go out from your country" (Bereishis 12:1). Bereishis Rabbah (39:1) explains, "This can be compared to someone who, while passing from one place to another, saw a building burning. He said, `Can it be that this building has no owner?" The building's owner looked out at him and said: `I am the building's owner.'

A Gemach Manager's Diary
by Chaim Walder

Economics and management seem totally irrelevant to the rank-and-file citizen. Most people do not feel they manage anything at all and as a result think they have no need to acquire such skills or even to take any interest in this topic.

The Primary Phase
by L. Jungerman

In the heat of the argument over the peace agreements and their nature, it is necessary to have some format whereby we can present the matter through the eyes of a Torah public. The faithful may not be well versed in the clauses of the agreement and the percentages of concessions and their stages but, on the other hand, they are certainly familiar, more than the average, with the figure who is the partner, the other side, in the negotiations, for war or peace. They possess the certificate given by the eternal Torah, "And he shall be a wild, barbaric man . . . " And this should be the starting point of our relationship.

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