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Helping Your Child With Anger Control
by Masha Wolf

In our first part, we gave a real-life situation where a mother helped her child overcome his anger and taught him to recognize the danger signals in his body. [Note: brackets are the comments of your editor, not the writer.]

The three basic skills to acquire are: Relaxation, Reflection and Response.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

While I am not a dentist, tooth problems are an integral part of emergency medicine, and it is worthwhile speaking about them.

New Study Reveals Israelis Consume Too Much Salt
by N. Katzin

The eating habits of Israelis are not as bad as we think. People aged 35 and up are eating more or less balanced diets. Their food consumption is relatively controlled, including more carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit and less fat. However, the consumption of sodium (salt) is hundreds of percents higher than recommended levels and the rate of weight gain in women is relatively high.

How to Read a Wedding Invitation
by A. Reiter

Back in the `Old Country,' a wedding invitation used to be an invitation. That's because weddings were held in some out-of-the-way resort at 2:30 in the afternoon (where no one else but a wedding guest would be found), and your calligraphed name card, inscribed with a specific table number, was waiting for you at the front door. If you didn't receive an invitation, you wouldn't even dream of showing up!

Repeat Performance
A Translated Excerpt from the Book
"Pages of Yesteryear - Dapim Shel Etmol"

by Ayala Rottenberg
Published by Feldheim

I have chosen one small chapter in this episode packed book of over three hundred fascinating pages, to give the readers a small taste, a small foothold in the Looking-Glass of Yesteryear, of over fifty-five years ago.

New Toys

We would like to deal with the question of Bas Mitzva from three aspects and ask for readers' comments for coming issues.

The Bas Mitzva Issue
by A. Ross

The translator of last week's piece on toys, taken from Bayit Ne'eman, has come up with her own, very experienced ideas on the matter. With a poem thrown in for good measure.

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