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Thoughts About the Approaching Shmitta

The Vilna Gaon points out that there are two mitzvos that encompass our entire bodies: Succa and yishuv Eretz Yisroel. Taking effect as it does on the yom tov of the same name, and with conditions that require us to be aware of the Succa itself, the Succa very much emphasizes to us our service to Hashem.

The Torah Universe: The Kiss of Death
by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin

The giant reptile paused in its tracks upon seeing me. It stared at me out of huge eyes that were black as coal as I tentatively reached out my hand to scratch its chin. Then, deciding that I presented no threat -- after all, I was only a quarter of its size -- it carried on walking.

How to Do Teshuvah
by HaRav Yitzchok Yeruchom Bordiansky

During Elul, Maran the mashgiach of Yeshivas Ponevezh, HaRav Yechezkel Levenstein zt'l, would advise the students to designate certain topics to concentrate on primarily during the coming year. He would urge them to adopt the contemporary gedolim's guidance not only in matters affecting Klal Yisroel but in questions of how to conduct one's private life, too.

To Be Content With One's Lot
by L. Jungerman

"And you shall rejoice with all the good which Hashem has given you" (at the end of the parsha of bikkurim in Ki Sovo).

His Only Motives Were Power and Money
by. S. Yisraeli

The resignation of Amir Drori from his position as the director of the Antiquities Authority has brought the unpleasant atmosphere at that archeological institution to the fore. A recent write-up in the finance daily, Globes, disclosed the wars of the archaeologists.

"Meoros HaDaf HaYomi" Insights into the Week's Learning: Stories, Mussar, Practical Halacha (Tractate Nedarim Daf 53-60) (Vol. 68)
From the Sochatchov "Beis Medrash of Teachers of the Daf HaYomi" Bnei Brak

Our Daf teaches us about the brochos on all sorts of foods that existed in the time of Chazal. Many questions have arisen since then when a new fruit or vegetable or new species is discovered. The poskim discuss at length to which group of foods it belongs in order to decide what its proper bracha is.

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