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Through Eyes That Shine
by Rifca Goldberg

I received a phone call this morning from someone I hardly know. "Mrs. Goldberg, this is Mrs. P. I was at the Rosh Chodesh party last night and a friend of yours brought her photo album. There was one photo there that simply took my breath away. A girl with red hair, sparkling intelligent eyes, and a dark blue dress. `Who is this child?' I asked. Your friend answered that it was a picture of your daughter. What can I say? She's so beautiful!

On the Way to the Chupa
by L.M.W.

If you look carefully at the inner story of a shidduch with the right eyes, you are bound to find many amazing facts which point clearly to overt hashgocha protis. The orchestration of a match is the culmination of thousands of details involving luck in location, timing, language.

Lightening the Load
by Malka Adler

I don't know about anyone else, but my contributions to the refuse bins have been noticeably lighter lately. Consciously, I know that the soda cap collection has been concluded, but subconsciously, I'm still saving them on the shelf.

Smile for the Camera

by Rosally Saltsman

My eight-year-old son loves to look at photo albums of when he was `young.' Between all the aah-ing of "Oh, how cute," a few things have occurred to me. All that laughing and smiling for the camera is evidence that we've been happy. Sometimes we get stuck in the difficulties of our lives and we forget that we've been happy. When we look at the final video-of-our- lives in the great screening room of Olom Haba, Hashem may ask us: If you had a good life, what were you so upset about? Why the occasional sour faces and grumblings?

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I don't know Dr. Brunner personally, although I enjoy his columns. With my apologies to him, I want to deal today with medical side of essential minerals in the body, and I hope this will be impetus to him to discuss the matter from his perspective.

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