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The More Children the Better

The Knesset plenum gave a preliminary approval to a proposal of UTJ MK Rabbi Shmuel Halpert to link the children's grants distributed by the National Insurance Institute (NII -- Bituach Leumi) to the average wage rather than the cost of living. Every other grant distributed by the government is linked to the average wage, which rises faster than the cost of living in good times, on the principle that these are income supplements and should keep pace with rising national income.

Baalei Teshuvah and the Chareidi World
by Rav Yehuda Greenwald

The following is an excerpt from chapter six of LoDaas Bo'oretz Darkecha by Rav Yehuda Greenwald, which contains questions and answers about baalei teshuva and the chareidi world. In our opinion, they are of interest to all.

The Equation of the Universe
by Rabbi Pinchas Kantrowitz

Does the number 0.123456789101112131415161718192021 have any meaning to you? At first glance it appears like a random list of numbers with some recognizable sequences, such as 1 through 9 at the beginning and three 1s in the middle. On closer inspection "Champernowne's Number C" is revealed as an orderly sequence of integers from 0 through 21 and upward.

Daily Routine
by L. Jungerman

The sacrifices of the nesi'im exemplified something very Jewish. Twelve different people executing identical acts in succession. The same sacrifices, the same order. And yet, each one is unique, specific, disparate, and bears the name of its separate donor.

Ben-basset, The Worst Attack on the Torah World Yet

To The Editor:

Sholom. Recently the Barak government proposed a sweeping change to Israel's tax laws that, if passed, could be more devastating against the yeshivas and their supporters, the talmidei chachomim and Israel's poor, than anything else yet proposed by the Leftists. Unfortunately many people have been slow to wake up to evils of the Ben-basset tax proposal, but I am glad to read in this week's English Yated Ne'eman that your rabbonim are finally beginning to wake up to the dangers.

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