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The Singles Crisis
by LMW

Three a.m. The telephone was definitely in working order. New York policeman is on the line. "Rabbi, I have a young girl on a rooftop, ready to jump. She says she knows you. We need your help. I have her on the line."

Creativity Corner:
Tu Bishvat Leaf Rubbings and Impressions

by Devora Piha

The fruits of Tu Bishvat are on a plate on the table. Yehuda hands his mother the blessing for fruit which he copied. It is set in a frame decorated with rubbings from leaves that he made himself. He reads it out loud and sets it down on the table, ready to use.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

Dear Editor,

Yated does it again. Galia Ze'evi's article "Tale of Two Families" portrayed graphic examples of our impact on one another, for better or worse.

Keep up the good work.

Reader from Bnei Brak

What's Cooking?
Two for Tu Bishvat

by Sara Finkel ("From the Classic Jewish Kitchen")

Baked Apple With Crumb Topping

Dried Fruit And Nut Confection

Chinese Kiss Cookies

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Dear Mrs. S., Thank you sincerely for your letter; I am elated that you found my column useful. You first commented on my article on genetics, and asked whether MS is a genetically-transmitted disease. This particular article did generate a lot of positive discussion and I hope that it was successful in enlightening a little the confusing issue of genetics and how it relates to shidduchim.

Poet's Corner
Just a Moment

by Ruth Lewis

Just a moment -- of life, of air to breathe, effortlessly;
Of vision, colors, faces, sounds, tastes, fragrances:
Of light, and golden sunshine on my face:
Of flowers, trees, and a warm breeze stirring.
Just a moment -- of good health, good spirits, free of pain --
Not hungry, thirsty, tired, or afraid.
Just a moment -- in which my heart pumps,
My lungs do their job, blood courses smoothly
Through my veins, antibodies fight off germs,
Enzymes do whatever enzymes do, unobtrusively:
Legs carry me, arms swing freely, hands reach, fingers grasp,
Mouth, lips, teeth and tongue form words.
Just a moment -- worry-free, lived in peace, security,
With clothing, shelter, food, plenty.
Just a moment -- to cherish friends, husband, family.
Just a moment of thought, emotion, growth,
Creativity, opportunity to do great good.
Just a moment -- to serve You, praise You, thank You.
By the time I've finished thanking You for just this moment --
I'll be in the next...
No. In Eternity.

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