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Helping Your Child With Homework
by Nechama Berg

Before discussing ways to help your child with homework, it is important to discuss why teachers assign homework and how it benefits your child.

Preparing For The Future:
General Age-Readiness Guidelines

by R' Zvi Zobin

From birth: Encourage free-movement play, unhampered by diapers, heavy clothing, etc. In the daytime, the room should be light but not very bright. Vary position of the baby in crib and crib in room so that he can see the room and you from different angles. As you move around the room, sing and talk to him.

The Truth of the Matter
A Story by Chedva

Dear readers, before launching into our story, you must first make the acquaintance of an interesting personality by the name of Mrs. Koretz. In order to avoid invading her privacy, we will only tell what is already known to all: first of all, her age is a well guarded secret and when asked about it she will say that she is over 18.

Home-management Tactics
by Chaya Roizy Vorhand

I like to light Shabbos candles with `neironim,' those little glass cups that come with speical candles that melt down to a lovely clear liquid. What is not lovely is the cloudy film that's left in the glass and the burnt-on stains that are sometimes left behind. Is there a quick method to clean the cups?

by Rivka Tal

Sometimes called `lecho' in its Israeli incarnate, this Hungarian condiment is an easy side dish to put together. Serve immediately or place on blech before Shabbos as a Shabbos night chicken-rice accompaniment. Use the spicy paprika option if enjoyed.

Letters, Feedback

In response to Nechama Berg's recent stain-removal series, she received this FAX from a professional cleaner, Mr. Steve Rappaport, from the Bar Gerson Company. He advises the following:

A House, a Mortgage
by S. M. G., New York (12 years old)

I spotted a small house
As I slowly strolled down the block,
It looked quiet and silent,
On the door was a lock.
I peeked inside,
It was empty, bereft,
My heart silently cried,
"Why was there nothing left?"
It had always been full,
People had been there,
Why was it suddenly empty,
Why was it so bare?


We used to have a home,
To us it was so dear,
Our very own home,
We loved coming there.
The Bais Hamikdosh was our own,
Ours to keep,
Now it has disappeared,
Become one big heap.


A year later on the same block,
I found myself again,
The house looked inhabited,
Outside were some men.
I wondered what had happened,
Why were people back here,
What had caused them to move,
And then to reappear?
I went to the owner,
Feeling brave and bold,
And asked him my questions:
Had the house been resold?
"I took out a mortgage,"
He began to say,
"But after a while,
I just could not pay.
So I had to move, lock
Barrel and stock,
I rented a house
On a different block.
I worked for a year,
Oh, I worked non-stop,
We had very little,
We survived on a drop.
We saved every bit
And now we are here,
I hope that our house,
Will never again be bare."


We lost our Bais Hamikdosh,
Because of deeds Hashem disapproved,
We would surely have repented,
Had we known we'd have to move.
The Bais Hamikdosh was burned,
The land remained bereft,
Of our holy place,
Nothing was left.
Now we have to work,
Our mortgage to pay,
But by doing mitzvos,
It will return someday.
And when we return,
We'll be here to stay,
We'll be home forever,
In every single way!

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