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Born to Learn
Prepared for Yated by R. Gil

Annette Krimloff-Smith, a researcher who studied the habits and development of hundreds of babies, presents a different approach in her book: "Your Child: Experience and Intelligence."

Creativity Corner : Traditional Shavuos Greenery Tied With a Bow
by Devora Piha

Look out the window on a spring day. Our eyes behold a new resurgence of greenery. A symphony in shades of green. Delicate baby buds perched on the tips of long slender branches. Slender pine needles bristling in silent pride for having withstood the rigors of winter. The trees are fuller and taller than last winter, wearing their garment of green.

Do It Yourself -- With Yosef Krinsky

A silent and dangerous killer may be loose in your home. It is clear and odorless, but definitely a killer. Thousands of people are killed each year by this silent slayer, and many more have fallen victim to its side effects. It causes symptoms ranging from only a mild headache to muscle paralysis and serious neurological problems. It also has been known to be especially dangerous to an unborn fetus, elderly, and individuals with heart and lung problems. This killer is called CARBON MONOXIDE.

Finding the Apartment You Want to Buy
by Susan Scharman

Assuming you have some clarity about financing and where you want to buy. Now what?

There are three major categories of residential apartments: 1] Statutory Protected Tenancies (Key Money Apartments; 2] Sale of apartments already built; 3] New apartments not yet built, also called "buying from plans."

The Endangered Species
By E.S. Heller

Another tour group squeezed past us on the narrow cobblestone path in Tsfas' old city. The men were bare headed and the women wore slacks. They stared at my husband in his black coat and long curly payos. They noticed me with many children; my son with his tzitzis hanging out, my young daughters in dresses nearly scraping the ground. "I've got to get a picture of this," one man said to his wife, "this is like something out of the shtetl...

The Blintza Balagan
by Malka Adler

For twenty-two years my mother-in-law supplied us with delicious blintzes before Shavuos. This I found to be a most satisfying arrangement. Then my mother took over the tradition until she could no longer continue due to ill health. There followed several years of tasty frozen ones, with the best hechsher, of course, or spending Yom Tov with one of the married children.

A Mother's Favorite Stories
by Sheina Medwed, Published by Artscroll, released just this year


"There is abundant peace for the lovers of Your Torah, and there is no stumbling block for them" (Psalms 119:165).

R' Eliyohu Lopian comments that the title "lovers of Your Torah" applies particularly to women, who are not obligated to be students of Torah. It is the wife who demonstrates an unselfish love of Torah by enabling her husband and sons to devote themselves to Torah study.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

I was very hurt by the intonation of the last paragraph in "What's Cooking - Friday Morning Challos" (Yated, 30 Nissan).

It is true that baking challos can contribute greatly to Fridays and Shabbos. The "smell of Shabbos" permeates the house on Friday, as the challos bake, welcoming home arriving cheder boys. I also bake them on occasion, reaping nachas, and I must admit, also enjoying the praise on Shabbos. However...


The Wandering Jew
by Naomi Bustan

Searching for the magic wellspring for his parched soul, the Israeli youth packs a bundle of adventures dreams into a knapsack, and sets out on an endless journey to conquer the `world.'

Determined to discover the eternal truth, he marches through the South American jungles armed with a machete. He hacks his way through thick greenery. He faces the infamous jungle dangers and tracks all the exotic animals. The search leads him deeper and deeper into the jungle until he reaches a pagan Indian tribe. Escaping its clutches by the skin of his teeth -- through some `mysterious help' -- he returns to Civilization.

Disappointed but not discouraged, he sails some more seas, experiences the powerful ocean, feels the stormy swells of waves and admires the majestic whales and their mysterious songs. Water, water, everywhere, but the lookout cannot see the magic wellspring.

He flies a big bird, high up in the sky, and lands in Katmandu, Nepal. Up narrow and winding tracks, he proceeds. Inhaling the rarified air of steep mountains, and climbing through breathtaking scenery, he puffs his way to the top, expecting to find the magic wellspring waiting for him.

Nothing. Was it simply a mirage of his dreams, even less substantial than any desert mirage? He views the vast scene below him brokenheartedly, when, suddenly, out of nowhere, a voice greets him.

"Shalom aleichem, my son. You look distressed. Your soul needs a rest."

"I have lived the six days of Genesis, but have not found a day of rest."

"Well, it is obvious, my son. You haven't given your own heritage a try. Too many precious years have passed you by!

"Is it adventure you seek? Come and sail on the fastest vessel of the mind -- the Torah. High seas? Dive into the deep ocean of the Talmud. Challenge? Summon all of your stamina and courage and fight the evil inclination in the jungles of your spirit.

"Mountains to climb, peaks to conquer? Climb the Ladder of Middos. You'll find it rougher, tougher than scaling the steepest slopes!

"You! Yes, you! The Wandering Jew! The wellspring of knowledge is right here inside you. Waiting for you to tap it, dip into its refreshing waters. Come along and claim your most precious gift. The beautiful Torah. And march right off, directly to the nearest YESHIVA."

[Based on a true story of a Jewish youth who roamed the entire world, only to be told by a guru in Nepal to quit his search for non-truth and set off for Jerusalem to claim his own heritage! Which he did!]

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